Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Around the Web

I always get a thrill seeing items we sell at Trocadero make appearances on other people's blogs. That means they love them as much as we do!

Over on Sacramento Street, Samantha from We Love DC included Diptyque's Figuier candle in her "10 Things That Make Me Happy" list. According to Samantha,
These candles don't come cheap, but they are worth every penny. They last for a long time and make my entire home smell incredible. Almost every scent is good, but my favorite remains to be Figuier.

Every Tuesday, Design*Sponge runs a series called "Living In," where they groups together products inspired by popular films or books. This past week they explored the 1988 classic "Big," starring Tom Hanks, and their collection of "Big"-inspired items included the ceramic version of New York City's iconic We Are Happy To Serve You cup, which, as you know, we carry at Trocadero!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back-to-School Staples!

I know I literally say this every year, but I cannot believe how fast this summer flew by! The back-to-school season has snuck up on me as usual. Even more unbelievable is the fact that it'll be my last - unlike Cygne (who's in her first year at USC!) I'm a college senior graduating in December and the gravity of that statement has yet to hit me. In any case, this semester I am determined to go back to class with all of my favorite necessities from Trocadero!

1.] The MZ Wallace "Kate," $390.00

It is shocking how often we talk about this bag (it's Cygne's back-to-school pick as well!), but when Travel & Leisure stamps it's 2010 award for "Best Travel Accessory" on something, it's for good reason. Although I could search around for a boring backpack, as a graduating senior I'm looking for something that will carry me into my post-college career. Water-resistant nylon, Italian leather trim, roomy pockets, an optional crossbody's everything you could possibly want from a travel bag/diaper bag/school bag/work bag. We'll be getting it in the basic black (which we have to reorder at least once a month) and a gorgeous chocolate brown for fall.

2.] Attic Journals, $18.00/each


Another often-talked-about Troc item, these journals are vintage and forgotten library books that are cut and spiral-bound. The hardcovers keep my precious notes protected from rain and inevitable coffee spillage. Plus, they're a million times more chic than a standard college-ruled Hello Kitty notebook, and the blank pages allow for optimum freedom to doodle as I choose!

3.] DV By Dolce Vita "Brody" Desert Boot, on sale for $95

I am an all-season boot wearer, and every fall I need a new class-appropriate version. This one is such an easy neutral that would go with everything and I absolutely adore the buckles on the back - slightly reminiscent of the Vivienne Westwood pirate boots but for a super small fraction of the price! 

4.] Cavallini Sticky Notes, $17 (Office & Kitchen)

I am notoriously absent-minded, and this semester is my busiest one yet. The ONLY way I'll be able to keep track of everything is with these adorable versions of Post-Its. In multiple sizes and variations, this is definitely the cutest way to remember even the smallest detail!

5.] Harajuku Lovers Trompe L'oiel Cupcake Cosmetic Case, $42
Harajuku Lovers Trompe L'oiel Cupcake Cosmetic Case

I absolutely hate the tacky plastic pencil bags that mass retailers provide for back to school. Instead, I'll be toting a cute canvas version, like this one from Harajuku Lovers. It's the perfect size to carry my black pens, pastel Sharpies, chapstick, quarters for parking, granola bar, etc., and it will last me a whole lot longer than a plastic one will! 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Thursday, Another Three Tips

I miss my hair stylist Shin at the Paul Labrecque Salon in NYC. She just always gave me the best haircuts that seriously lasted 6-9 months. For the first year I was able to get away with still seeing Shin. But eventually I needed to find my local replacement. While Shin can't ever be replaced (her haircutting skills are some of the best in the nation), some of her expert tips are available for you to partake...from home. Check out her video clips for

If you're like me, and you can't afford to fly back to NYC for a Shin-tastic cut, check out my local stylist find: Alli at Trios Salon (156th and Ruggles, north of Maple). I've had my hair cut by about 5 different people in Omaha and unfortunately none of them were able to achieve a cut that didn't have me putting it back into a ponytail again. She gave me a hair cut that was easy to style and that grew out well so that I didn't have to go back in 4 weeks. My hair is so thick that you really gotta cut into the layers and Alli is able to get rid of the weight and heaviness and still leave the length. Bravo!

Fair Square

It's August and that means the IOWA STATE FAIR is back in action! Yes, food on-a-stick is all the rage in Des Moines for a two week period and this weekend is your last chance to take part in this annual, beloved event. Choose from delectable treats like hot bologna on-a-stick to potato lollipops to frozen fudge brownie on-a-stick. If you're on a diet, you can opt for salad on-a-stick or shrimp on-a-stick. It's an Atkins diet lovers dream with everything from german sausage, hot dogs, meat balls, chicken lips, lamb and pork chops on sticks!

Animal prints are back in fashion...but that doesn't mean you should run out and buy that tacky tiger print polyester dress. Instead, invest in a good tote that can be a classic for years to come. Hitting our shelves shortly will be this MZ Wallace tote in the "Grace" shape. If you know you want it, email us now to reserve one in your name. Believe me, it's like last season's "Violet Storm" pattern...before long, we'll be sold out!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Death by Stiletto

Tune into "The Rachel Zoe Project" on Bravo for just 30 seconds and you'll no doubt hear the celebrity stylist use her signature phrase "I die!" to describe something she loves at least 10 times.

In the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar, Rachel was photographed with some of our favorite designers, including Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang, in scenes depicting what would happen if Rachel were to really die for fashion. We are partial to "Death by Stiletto," featuring the talented -- and, ahem, gorgeous -- Brian Atwood.

If you would like to get your hands on Brian Atwood... I mean on a pair of Brian Atwood stilettos, they are now on mega sale. For example:

The Trixi has been marked down from $775 to $250, and we have one size left - 37.

We have two pairs - sizes 37.5 and 39 - of the Dorian in stock, and they have been marked down from $750 to $395.

This is just a small sample of what's on sale. Plus, we're still running our Vegas promotion, so spin to win up to 50% everything, including Brian Atwoods. Imagine getting the Dorian for 50% off the sale price? You can... if it's your lucky day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three 4 Thursday

I love multi-strand necklaces, especially ones with big crystals and mixed metals, and this one from American Eagle outfitters is the perfect non-investment piece at a not-so-whopping $19.50. And with their special deals of "buy one and get one at 50%off" it's twice as nice when you're shopping with a friend with similar tastes!

I can't get enough of my XM 44 "First Wave" radio station especially with all the great The English Beat, General Public and Fine Young Cannibals I'm very excited to hear Dave Wakeling, the original front man of the first two bands mentioned, to be performing at the Slowdown tonight! It's not sold out yet so there's still time to get tickets...

This summer heatwave is absolutely killing me. While I'm usually a big oenophile, I can't really stomach the heaviness of red wine during these warmer months and am often rather picky when it comes to drinking white wine (can't be too dry, too sweet, it's gotta be kinda perfect...). My summer drink of choice is definitely the Moscow Mule, made with vodka, lime juice and ginger beer (which is actually non-alcoholic despite its name). The best part? It is served in a copper mug with ice. The drink literally is ice cold because the copper retains the cool temperature. I love to get a Moscow Mule at the Homy Inn, LIV Lounge, Stokes and the Cork and Bottle in Dundee. So next time you're looking for a cool, refreshing beverage, order up a Moscow won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Adieu to you, and you, and you!

So, I sit here writing this blog post as a temporary goodbye to the store I've spent the last 15 months working for. And when I say "working", I use it lightly because whenever I'm here, I rarely feel like I'm at work. I'm constantly surrounded by coworkers I refer more to as friends than colleagues and find myself doing projects I actually enjoy rather than tasks I'm forced to complete. And that's exactly what I love about this place, I feel at home here.

I'm now on a single-digit countdown to moving away from the warmth of the Heartland to the hustle and bustle of Southern California. I can't say I'm not excited... because I really can't wait to get there. But, that impatience is definitely countered by the heartache I have leaving a store like this. Therefore, I've decided to take a few pieces of Trocadero with me along the way. Six things, to be exact. So, here's what made my list of what I'll be flaunting on the West Coast in homage to the Troc.

#1: The MZ Wallace "Kate", more formally known as my laptop bag.
I know, I know... quite a fancy laptop bag to be carrying my first semester away. But, I trust it will serve me well. Whenever a customer comes in sporting an MZ on their shoulder, the bags consistently look as good as new... the secret's in the coated nylon exterior. That's why I bought it. I'm confident it will most likely last me longer than any Jansport I've ever owned and will serve as far more than just a laptop bag. If you're considering one for yourself (it can transform into a baby bag, too!), all of us here at Trocadero highly recommend it.

#2: "I Used To Be A Rice Bag" thongs, my go-to sandal.
Our most popular item in stock this summer. Seriously, we've already ordered two shipments of these shoes (typically 18 per order) and only have six pairs left! It's because these shoes really do match everything. Fabricated from used rice bags, they come in a variety of colors and every single one is as unique as a fingerprint. Someone else may be walking in the same brand, but your sandals will always be one-of-a-kind.

#3: Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Wash, my preferred scent and scrub.
Up until our beauty products went on supersale, I'd never really taken the time to check them out. I'd occasionally smell them while taking inventory, but I always trusted Neutrogena to have my back when it came to hygiene. Boy, was I mistaken! This Malin + Goetz scrub is my shower must-have. The crisp scent is extremely refreshing and the granules of sand gently scrub away dry skin and leave it silky smooth. This product along with others is now on sale for $25!

#4: My Attic Journal, my alternative assignment notebook.
I'm not sure whether it's the fact they're recycled library books or the fact each one is different, but Attic Journals have really become some of my favorite items in the store. Whenever we get a shipment of new ones, I always love looking through them to see the different cover designs and find the personal notes inside. Though a rarity, some have old library cards with rental dates from the 60's! A little piece of history to carry around with you, conveniently present for all your note taking needs!

#5: Cavallini Paris Map, my dorm decor of choice.
Over the summer, I've gradually built up a collection of posters to hang in my room. Ranging from screen print concert posters to shots from the Hubble Space Craft, my dorm decor is a sort-of wacky compliation of the coolest looking things (to me, at least). This Paris Map is one of them. With the light pinks and blues, it'll be a nice contrast to some of the harsher colors in my other posters. No matter what, I'm sure this wall art will be far more appreciated than those from

#6: Helen Ficalora Necklace, my customized necklace.
I wear my Helen necklace a good 75% of the time I'm awake... and probably the same amount when I sleep. Being partial to silver jewelry, myself, this necklace goes with everything. I really do wear it frequently and have formed a bond with it. I've collected charms over my time working here at the Troc. A "C" to start, a star for graduation, a peace sign for Christmas... and I think it's the perfect reminder of my life back in Omaha and here at the store.

Though I'm saying goodbye for now, I will stillbe a part of the Troc Team. I'll update the blog and shop with all of my California style tips and the Troc products I spot out and about in Los Angeles. I can't wait to discover the life out there, but I'll never forget my one back here.

Catch ya' on the flipside!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Spin to Win

Instead of traveling to Vegas this week for the annual shoe show, we decided to bring the fun to Omaha and have a weeklong Vegas-themed promotion for our customers! Starting tomorrow, come into the Troc and spin our 'Wheel of Fortune' to receive discounts up to 50% off. (This includes full priced items as well as sale merchandise.) After you have selected an item to purchase, spin the wheel and receive your discount. Don't worry about your luck running out, because in this game, everyone's a winner!

This is a great opportunity to receive discounts on some of our popular merchandise that rarely goes on sale, such as our MZ Wallace handbags, Bond No. 9 New York perfumes, Helen Ficalora charms, or our Anya Hindmarch leather embossed loose pockets.