Thursday, April 14, 2011

Swaddle, Swaddle

A sleeping baby on the Troc Talk pages? Well, that's because I'm a new mommy to baby Annabel (seen above)! It's been almost three months since I've given birth to my little bundle of joy and as I'm slowly getting caught up on everything, I'm hoping to contribute to my own store's blog more frequently. The first topic I wanted to blog about are some of the newest items to hit Troc's shelves: aden+anais cotton muslin swaddling blankets. As a new mommy, I have been discovering by trial and error "my must haves" for a newborn baby and of course as Trocadero is dedicated to bringing what I feel are the best items in accessories, home decorative items, books, jewelry and everything else...well, I had to start stocking what I think are the perfect baby shower gift.

I've given and received many various receiving blankets, including the ones from Swankie Blankie (which we sell at Troc). While the plush blankets are really cozy, feel great on the hand and are awfully cute, what I didn't know about a newborn baby is that you don't want to use something with a lot of weight. That's why the aden+anais blankets are so key: they're lightweight cotton muslin that is also breathable. They're the perfect swaddling blanket, a great throw to place over your shoulder as you breastfeed for privacy, makes a wonderful "canopy" over the handle of a car seat or stroller to shade from bright lights or the sunshine.

Even for a baby that was born in the middle of a Nebraskan winter, I found that these lightweight blankets were the only ones I used for the first couple months. What you'll learn is that newborn babies should never be left in a crib with a heavy blanket over them. They don't have the strength to kick the blanket off their face if they accidentally pull it up. That's why swaddling is recommended (as well as sleep sacks). With the summer months coming up, these aden+anais blankets will continue to be the most important blankets in my baby bag (MZ Wallace "Kate" of course!) as they'll keep baby cool while offering some protection and coverage.

At Trocadero, we stock a variety of aden+anais swaddling blankets, including the monkey print above! We have 4 packs and 2 packs (I currently own 8 of them -- two 4 packs that were given to me at my baby shower). I love them so much I just had to carry them at the Troc. So for the next baby shower you're invited to, come by and pick up a pack. And stay tuned for more things baby-related at the Troc...I'll be including more of my fave items such as books and toys.

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