Wednesday, May 26, 2010

No thanks to Carrie and Company

In a piece of shocking news....I kinda really don't like Sex and the City. I feel like a traitor to all thirtysomething and fortysomething Manhattan working women in the world of magazines, PR and fashion. But truth be told, I wasn't a huge fan of SATC when I was living in NYC either. I could hardly stomach Carrie's character, Samantha was such an over-the-top caricature and Charlotte wasn't close to anyone who I would want to befriend. It was Miranda with whom I most identified as she seemed the most real and, dare I say it, normal? It seemed truly unrealistic that any of these women would be friends with each other but I understand that TV can work its magic in many ways that suspend reality for good television.

The show came at a time when TV needed something brash, sexy and with strong female characters who were also attractive, successful and...single. It was definitely a very realistic show in depicting the type of women who do exist in NYC and showcasing the myriad of problems that women of that age had in finding love and/or balancing love, marriage and/or a career. For that very reason I tuned in and watched it and for a while enjoyed the stories that were told week in and week out.

But my interest waned rather quickly while I was still a Manhattanite myself. And then I moved to Nebraska. I watched the TBS-edited versions at night when I couldn't find anything else to watch and then when the first movie came out, I went to go see it. I found it so unentertaining that I couldn't bear to watch it again when it was on HBO or wherever it aired.

With the sequel coming out this week, I am once again faced with not really giving a shit. It seems as if so many friends (and many acquaintances) assume that this would be top of my list of things to do but frankly I'd rather poke hot coals into my eyeballs. I'll be saving my $10 and be putting it towards a bucket of balls to be used the next time I hit the golf range.

One of the only reasons why I am somewhat interested in the movie is because my good friend, shoe designer extraordinaire Brian Atwood, has a major role in the movie. Well, not him per se, but his shoes!!! Brian's gorgeous creations were both on set and off and have become SJP's go-to shoe brand.

When I first opened my shop Trocadero, I carried Brian Atwood's shoes. He's a favorite designer of mine, in addition to being a friend, and I wanted to bring the best of the best to Omaha. Unfortunately in 2007, many folks still hadn't heard of the brand and didn't know how lucky we were to have this label represented in Omaha. It's meant that I haven't been able to carry it for the past couple seasons because frankly a lot of women did not know that Brian Atwood was literally going to become the next Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin. So for the past couple years (including right now), women have been snatching up stunning Brian Atwood shoes for 25%-75% off retail at Trocadero. It's not too late!
I've got some amazing circa 2008/2009 shoes that are still in the shop, such as these gold platform stunners! They are literally the most comfortable heel I have ever worn and in the softest, most flattering gold leather. We only have a size 36 left but if you are that size, I urge you to buy them! You won't be disappointed.

Tonight is the Omaha premier of the quintessential chick flick, benefitting the Junior League. I won't be there but my support is still there via two tickets I purchased to give away to two lucky Trocadero visitors as well as my help to secure a Christian Louboutin handbag for a raffle prize at the event itself.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Troc Trend: Clogs!

The rumors are true - the controversial clog has returned. The wooden heels stomped the runways at Chanel and Celine and have somehow found their way onto retail shelves. We at the Troc aren't necessarily flocking to get the traditional shape in stock; we searched and searched and managed to find our ideal version, Seychelles Twistin' the Night Away. It's feminine, flattering shape has the feel of a trendy clog without the dated heaviness, which explains why women have wandered into our little shop to snap up this sandal.

Although the name suggests this shoe will amp up your evening, I find it to be perfect for day as well (it's screaming to be paired with a breezy sundress). The 4 1/4-inch heel may intimidate you at first, but the 1-inch platform makes it remarkably comfortable for its height. We chose it in a gorgeous natural cream that will bring out the best in your summer tan and look phenomenal with everything from pastel hues to neon prints. Not to mention it's ridiculously reasonable price point - you can pick up this flirty, multi-functional sandal for a mere $110.

For a summery daytime look, I'd love to pair these shoes with a silky pair of shorts, a striped tank, and a bold printed bag courtesy of Rafe (now on sale for just $195). For a more bohemian vibe, throw on a light summer scarf and pile on a bunch of bangles - we carry some spectacular Alex & Ani adjustable sets that range between $78 to $165. If the nighttime look is what you're after, try a playful romper in a pretty print, a great cuff and pair of hoop earrings (both Kara Ross, $295 and $195, respectively). I've been crazy about nail polish lately, as well - try a pastel pink shade like Pepto Pink by Rescue Beauty Lounge ($18).

Stop by soon or give us a call to get your hands on this featured pair of footwear!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Troc TV: "Hi, I'm Megan!"

The other month I received a Facebook message from an old colleague of mine from my magazine days. She is now working at and was telling me about a special project she wanted me to work on...which included doing a bunch of short videos about me, my style, my life, my shop Trocadero. She sent me a flip video to record everything and instead of telling me to drop the camera off in a FedEx, she said to put them in a virtual drop off box and then to keep the camera as a gift for working on the project!

I've decided to make good use of the flip video by making short videos for Troc Talk, our website, our email newsletters and who knows what else?

We'll use these videos to highlight new merchandise, show everyone what we're liking these days and even do some meet and greets with members of Team Troc.

First up is of our newest interns! Check it out and let us know what you think....they're rough cut for now -- we'll get better with time...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Night with Carrie and Company!

I am excited to announce that The Junior League of Omaha has been approved to hold a screening of Sex and the City 2 this coming Wednesday (a day before its actual release)! Upon hearing this, Alice and I quickly rushed to the site to snatch up a pair of tickets - they're going quickly - which are $40 each! However, we decided to turn our purchase into a raffle for the store! If you stop by the store over the weekend and mention the Sex and the City raffle, we'll enter you in a drawing to win the pair of tickets. But wait, it gets better! If you purchase something while visiting, we'll enter your name a second time!

The ticket package includes: 2 passes to see Sex and the City 2, a pass for complimentary sushi and a cosmopolitan (or mocktail) provided by Blue Sushi and a goodie bag! So, if you're feeling lucky or if you just plain want to win the tickets, come by and let us know!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

PJ's Spring Must Haves: Oxfords

Floral Dresses and OxfordsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

One of my favorite trends for Spring is the juxtaposition of masculine oxfords with feminine floral dresses. Think you can't pull off oxfords? Think again! Instead of slipping into your trusty ballet flats, break out a pair of oxfords. Just as comfy but trendier!

Our favorites is the Joie Louie Louie, which we carry in a greyish brown color called Elephant. They are laceless and lightweight; the perfect alternative to summer sandals and flats. They also run a bit narrow, making them easy to wear sans socks. Stop by the Troc today to try them on!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bond No. 9 Candles for the Bedroom

I love when blogs post sneak peaks into people's homes. It's always interesting to see how others live, don't you think? This morning I was digging into the archives of The Goodie Life's "What's on your Nightstand" series and came across this photo:

See that blue glass jar with the gold lid? That's a Bond No. 9 candle! More specifically, it's the Nuits de Noho scent. The owner of the nightstand, Caroline, had this to say about the candle:

"There aren't words to describe this candle. It looks amazing. It smells amazing. Best sleepy-time candle ever."

Trocadero has two Bond No. 9 scented candles in stock: Scent of Peace and Little Italy. Both are considered unisex fragrances, although Little Italy is bit sweeter smelling with notes of grapefruit, clementine and mandarine, and both would look glorious on your nightstand!

Although we don't carry Nuits de Noho in candle form, we do have it as an Eau de Parfum, so if you're curious to know what Caroline loves so much about it, stop by and have a sniff! We offer complimentary samples of all of the Bond No. 9 fragrances we carry.

(nightstand photo source; Bond No. 9 candle photos source)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Omaha in the air...

Last week with all the Berkies in town, the CNN crew came with the rest of the world's media to cover the annual event. But this year, the CNN team wanted to do a little B-roll coverage about Omaha and its relatively stable economic position in the U.S. during this whole recession. I was lucky to be a part of the video package in part because I happen to know the CNN photojournalist whose mom is a good friend of mine back from my New York fashion days and more appropriately a native Nebraskan herself! Walter Imparato enlisted me to help with doing this piece on Omaha to talk about why I chose to leave NYC to open my boutique in Omaha and what it's been like basically opening in the middle of a recession and staying in business throughout the rough economic downturn. Additionally I was asked to help come up with a business that has been around for many years for them to interview and speak about their ideas of why Omaha has retained so much of its wealth and high economic and low unemployment numbers. I instantly thought of a couple businesses in the Old Market and the one that they chose was Ron Samuelson's M's Pub and Vivace restaurants. I'm so proud to have been able to be a part of this CNN video because it really hits home the core reason of why I came to Omaha and why I continue to love about being here. The piece aired live on CNN all day yesterday and today as well and was on CNN International. It's also available online here.

One lesson learned from this was about how life is about the relationships you make, the ones you continue to nourish and the networking that you can apply to connect those all around you. I try and teach this to my interns both past and present as they venture to look for jobs outside Omaha and within it too. I'm glad I've been able to use my past experiences as a journalist to connect and be part of this story and also include new relationships that I value in the new home that I have made for myself.

Speaking of Omaha, Southwest Airlines' Spirit Magazine did their city profile on Omaha this month. It's a great little feature story on all the aspects of why Omaha continues to thrive and prosper. It covers the arts, the education, the business, the sports and the recreational high points and we're really thrilled again that our city is being highlighted on a national and international level.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grasping on to style and function

Since my (temporary) departure from interning at The Troc, I can’t help but stop in every now and again, as I find myself getting homesick. Unfortunately for my wallet this means making some sort of purchase to do my fair share as a loyal “customer”.

Upon my last few visits I became intrigued with the idea of adopting a small bag into my daily wardrobe. I often find the need for something to carry my on the go “must haves” in but something that is smaller than a tote and able to easily fit in my grasp. After thinking about all of the pouches we carry in the store, I decided to investigate the crop of stylish candidates.

After a journey of “this one’s too feminine”, “this one’s too small” and “this one may cost more than what I plan to carry in it”, Alice helped me decide on the Harajuku Lovers “tromp l’oeil” "make-up" pouch in black (shown below in cream). I quickly became a fanatic of the small wonder.

Perfect for organizing the clutter wars going on in your purse (or “man-bag”) or a simple solution to carry a few necessities (i.e. phone, gum, cash, lip balm, keys) on the go, the pouch- or as I have named them for myself, the “man-clutch” – is my obsession of the moment.

This past Friday I made my way down to The Troc and ended up snagging the MZ Wallace Bedford Nylon Flat Pouch to add to my collection. This bag is sleek and sophisticated for casual or dressier looks and still fun with a vibrant flash of color from the red lining and the gold colored zipper and stud detailing.

I feel that any woman…or man…could benefit from some sort of pouch in their life. Perfect spring treat for yourself or even great for a last minute Mother’s Day gift (see: Anya Hindmarch’s Loose Pockets!), come down to Trocadero to check out the array we have to offer.

(On a side note: During my last visit I also managed to get my hands on the last Kikkerland Sing Sing Dinner Tray, a hosting necessity that will soon find use this summer maybe serving up Bliss Bakery’s Pink Champagne Caketinis….Yummmm!)

This is... Book time!

As a graphic designer, I am constantly inspired by the books at the Troc. From a photographic catalogue of Nights in Paris, cookbooks, fashion house biographies and even historic perspectives by E.B. White, there is something for everyone here. *

Some of my favorites are the This is ____ series. Created by M. Sasek, these books are colorful, informative and fun. M. Sazek was an artist born in Prague; in 1958 he published his first book, This is Paris and continued creating books until his death in 1980.

The titles we carry at the Troc include: This is Greece, This is Venice, This is Hong Kong, This is Britain, This is Paris, This is New York, This is Ireland, This is Texas, This is Rome, This is London, This is Edinburgh, This is Israel, and This is San Francisco.

The vibrant illustrations make an amazing coffee table piece or an informative book for a child. Have a favorite city filled with memories? Maybe an overseas engagement or a college semester abroad? Maybe you are reconnecting with your home country? These books are definitely a traveler or art collector's must!

*All last copy books are 20% off so come by the store and see for yourself!