Friday, March 23, 2012

Postcards from Austin Part Two

Day two through five of my Austin SXSW adventures contained plenty more walking and more interesting sights and eats. Throughout the week, we visited plenty of food trucks and tested lots of barbecue. I never found myself a cowboy to bring back as I had hoped, but all in all, it was an exciting trip! Austin was filled with adventures and new things to try.

This is the lil guy that hovered above my friend and I as we ate at Riscky's (Ft. Worth), which to me was overhyped by the kind people at the gift shop next door.

Keane at Stubbs Bar-B-Q outdoor venue.

Blitzen Trapper at Stubb's.

A little Indiana Jones?

This man's tie looked almost like half of it was dipped in paint. I enjoyed all of his color and prints- Note the fun socks!

One part Patriotic, on part Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo.

This girl just looked so hapy and chic. Big fan of the big hat and leopard loafer.

Feathered mohawk at the Kreayshawn show.

Witchy woman.
I adored the candy coated, glittery walls at Beauty Bar.

A roadside pet adoption center = BEST idea ever! This place was so precious, ull of sweet lil puppies. I wanted to bring one home so bad. Now the cat trailer was a different story...sweet in theory, but the smell of that trailer was no sweet ending.

Mighty Cone food truck was mighty cute!

I love cupcakes and I love food trucks. HEY CUPCAKE!

Red velvet, strawberry with a strawberry cream cheese icing, and "John Lemon" :)

Saw this winged style vixen at Lamberts during a Saddlecreek Records showcase.
Slinky, sexy...and a raccoon tail?

Zoom in and check out the cool spike covered shoes of the girl with the blue hair. This picture doesn't do them justice.

Strawberry daquiri sorbet sandwiched in between snickerdoodle cookies- Yum!

Schoolgirl charm.

I spotted this guy and fell in love with the combination of his navy shirt with the grey slacks and wine couch and the blue patterned socks really cap it off!

This cayenne color is so spring.

Her outfit was very pocahontas-esque. Leather-ish top and turquoise and gold accessories...soooo tribal!

Strappy sandals in the dirt.

Thee was something so romantic about their ensemble combo.

Casual jumpsuit, denim and chinos.

I loved this woman's huge bun just piled on top of her head, and her friend's blunt bangs are smashing! And look at those smart outfits.

These boxed waters were all over Austin. I have this weird love of boxes, so I was fascinated by this. It's not only neat, Boxed Water is also an eco-conscious company. Can we get some boxed water action, Omaha?

Buenos Aires Cafe
The cute little window table we were seated at with a street view.

The delicious prosciutto wrapped tilapia with potato gnocchi and dark, spicy chocolate creme brulee for dessert.

Two guys I thought were interesting at the convention center. I gathered from listening in on their conversation that they are in some band. Didn't gather a name though!

Casino el Camino restaurant

And lastly, my photo of the day. Couldn't help but admire the postered stone brick wall.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trocadero is now on Pinterest!

We're excited to join this new social media platform and share a few of our favorite things! Whether you love our blog for its recipes, fashion tips, or just want to learn how to live "the good life," our Pinterest account is the perfect place to go to see what we represent all at once. Find our favorite upcoming fashions on the "Spring Trends" board or get some dinner inspiration from the "Menu Board." 

You can also find our latest stock quickly and easily through the "Products We Carry" board. Anytime you see a must-have, simply call us at (402) 934-8389 to place an order! 

Happy pinning! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Postcards From Austin

Last week I headed to Austin, Texas for the music festival SXSW (South by Southwest). One week in Texas yielded a lot to take in- from food trucks, crowds, outrageous outfits, to countless bands and endless clubs, bars and venues.
My first day began with brunch at the Magnolia Cafe, and from there the journey and never-ending walk began. Enjoy my photo diary of my first two days in the Lone Star state, and be sure to come back for my reel of the next three days.

The sign alone does it for me.

My 3 egg frittata full of smokey shards of bacon, broccoli, and topped with creamy sour cream. (Barely pictured, far left: a Sprite and hibiscus tea concoction that was quite refreshing.)

The garden patio of the Magnolia Cafe.

Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Hotel Vegas.

Daytime sparkle at Vegas.

Beards, caps, and shades.

More beards in hats at the Whole Foods Dark Rye tent.

Patio snapshots at Beer Land.

70s chic.

Traffic stopper.

My photo of the day. I loved this building side with these beautiful flowers!