Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here's to a New Year

New Year's is a time to reflect, but more importantly it is a time to look forward to the coming year. What do you want to see change in your life? What can you do differently? Whether or not you're in the habit of making New Year's resolutions (or even like the idea of them for that matter), living a reflective life enables one to grow. So whether you celebrate the new year on the calendar date or a few months from now, enjoy your new year!
Embrace change.

Here's a short list of some of the most popular resolutions people make & our tips to accomplish them at the Troc:

Learn a new skill:What do you wish you knew how to do? Learn how to cook delicious recipes with Troc's New French Recipes by Eric Kayser or brush up on your second language with our Eeboo Spanish or French flash cards.

Keep a journal: Don't let keeping a journal become a chore for you. Enjoy writing down your thoughts and reflections in a notebook that is for your eyes only. And our handmade Attic Journals are made from recycled books and are so cute, you'll want to write in them! I carry one with me everywhere. Its a place where I can jot down a quick idea or where I can vent for pages and pages.

Get organized: Streamlining your life decreases your stress level oh-so-much. Our multifunctional MZ Wallace Kate bag is perfect for the job. With 6 exterior pockets and 10 interior pockets, organizing your your work/school life has never been easier. Plus, the Kate can also double as a diaper bag!

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