Friday, September 30, 2011

Hold the Mimosa

Beer... for breakfast
Some would consider touching the stuff before noon dreadfully alcoholic, while some, our European counterparts in particular, wouldn't consider it anything out of the ordinary. Recently, The Wall Street Journal featured an article suggesting a few beer pairings for your typical breakfast fare.

Curious and enticed by the unusual suggestions (a milky stout with your morning bowl of granola?), my boyfriend and I set off to try Rogue's Chipotle Ale, best paired with your classic bacon and eggs.

With or without breakfast, this beer has great flavor.  With forty pounds of chipotle peppers in each batch, the ale lends to a crisp and smokey chile flavor. We decided to try it with a potato and seitan sausage hash, topped with a fried egg & a side of toast and salsa.
Here's our simple recipe:

-Sauté 1/2 an onion with several cloves of garlic
-Peel and cube a russet potato, toss into onion & garlic mixture, and cook until potatoes are soft yet crispy
-While cooking, season with spices to your liking. Beside salt & pepper, we added cumin, cinnamon, and smokey paprika to complement the chipotle ale. And to add a nice kick, we tossed in a jalapeno, but   a serrano or poblano would work too.
-Top with a fried egg and enjoy!

The results? A match made in heaven. You can kiss your Bloody Marys goodbye

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missoni for Target: The Aftermath

Now that the customer-ignited fury of the Missoni for Target failure has finally died down a bit, I feel like it is safe to come out from under my zig-zag printed covers and talk about the collection...

I strolled into my neighborhood Target at approximately 10:30 AM on September 13, the day of the infamous launch. Reports of Target's site crash and vicious comments on their Facebook page had warned me of the Missoni wasteland I was about to walk in on - but, thankfully, Omahans apparently have little to no knowledge of these sorts of things, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a decently stocked store. The homewares and bedding sections had been completed raided, and most of the clothing was only available in an XL, but I was still able to walk out with the flats, a couple of trays, and a cosmetic bag without having to fend for my life.

On the West Coast, my aunt strolled into her local Target and snapped a picture of a plethora of Missoni bedding, which she promptly texted to me. Fast forward to a few days later, and my new favorite family member had sent me my coveted ribbon pillow AND a full Missoni for Target bedspread.
I am grateful that I was able to get my hands on these coveted items, but I know others weren't so lucky. 

What was your Missoni for Target experience? Share below!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The MZ Wallace 'Vivienne,' or The Day I Declared My Undying Love for Tassels

Feast your eyes on the newest fall bag from MZ Wallace, the Vivienne in Night Storm ($365). Not only is this beauty made of soft, printed nylon and big enough to fit an iPad, but it features a footlong wine-colored tassel. 

I have long been known in the shop for my inexplicable tassel addiction, which somehow finds its way onto every accessory I own. Bags, shoes, necklaces, earrings - if you can put a tassel on it, I'll purchase it. I own everything from a small Anya Hindmarch cosmetic bag with a tiny leather tassel to a silver pendant necklace with six of them in silk thread. It may stem from a larger affliction for fringe in general, but something about the ease and swing of a good tassel just seduces me every time. 

The Vivienne is no exception. The painterly pattern and rich leather combine to form the fall bag of my dreams. If you agree, email us at for more information!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cozy Campfires and the Great Outdoors

I love fall! As it cools off and approaches this beloved season I start bringing out the cozy sweaters, boots and cute beanies while other people are hanging on to their shorts and tees as long as they can. I'm a bit of an outdoorsy style girl, relishing in my moccasins and blanket ponchos, a bit a la 70's hippie style (but with skinny jeans).

See by Chloe, plaid poncho on

Hang on to your stripes! If I can extend and blend some of my summer wardrobe into fall all the better. Layering a striped tank under a fall print can give it a new flair! One good winter worthy pair of boots and you've got a lot of options. Pair tall boots with shorts and a sweater, over skinny jeans or leggings. I recommend a healthy selection of leg warmers to go over tights or the boots themselves for another look. A lighter scarf protects you from the chill and adds print. I encourage mixing and matching of prints, all the layers make it fun to get dressed.
Poncho by Kenzo, DV by Dolce Vita brown riding boot, Marcus Lupfer pleated knit mini skirt, Missoni scarf.

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Mount Rushmore national monument, it will be my first real camping trip this year and I can't wait to pack! Betting it's going to be chilly this time of year a cozy wool Mexican blanket and a good pair of boots are must haves. A masculine inspired but sexy sweater adds warmth without the frump. I always take a journal with me everywhere and campfires are the perfect place to listen to your thoughts and record them in your Attic Journal!

Pendleton Mexican print inspired wool blanket, Attic Journal, DV by Dolce Vita brown riding boot (available at Trocadero), Alexander Wang cut-out sweatshirt tunic, chain bangle by Kara Ross.

While I can't go dressed as a Hitchcock bombshell, I'll still have adventure in style!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fashion's Night Out at Trocadero!

Although the big-time events for Fashion's Night Out 2011 were no doubt housed in New York City, we decided to share the spirit of this retail celebration with the people of Omaha last Thursday. The Troc celebrated with a DJ, delicious appetizers, free makeovers, great sales and plenty of sangria! 

Seared ahi tuna and black bean tostadas from Stokes Grill and Bar proved to be popular among Troc guests!

This beautiful updo is courtesy of Bethany from Fringes Salon - we offered free makeovers to anyone who stopped by, and even the Troc staff took advantage of the opportunity. At right, Troc staffer Jil after her glamorous makeover from artist Linda Miller!

Our trusty sandwich board announces the night's events! At right, Jared, another Troc staff member, serves up some sangria courtesy of Stokes. 

A couple of super-chic Fashion's Night Out attendees!

DJ Mello Mic entertained guests with his top-notch tunes. 

Overall, it was quite a party - and frankly, we can't WAIT until next year to do it again! Thank you to everyone who made the evening such a spectacular success!

What did YOU do for FNO?