Friday, February 26, 2010

Trocadero Featured Film: "Annie Hall"

Being an intern at Trocadero has its requirements, one of which is to watch the "required movie list." As a fairly passionate film lover, I welcomed the task. I immediately stocked up my Netflix queue with all of Alice's top picks and eagerly awaited their arrival.

First up: the 1977 classic "Annie Hall," starring Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. It's obvious that this film was huge for the menswear look - oversized blazers, ties, oxfords, vests, and boots were all key elements of the film's fashions. Reportedly, the outfits were Keaton's own - the costume designer wasn't fond of her ensembles, but Allen left Keaton to her own stylings. It was quite the idea, too, resulting in a near-cult fashion following in the late 1970s.


The movie itself is clever, and the awkward romance between the two characters is both adorable and realistic. But, as with anything I do, all I could really focus on while watching was the clothes - and in seeing the film, I was inspired to find "Annie Hall's picks" within the walls of Trocadero.
La dee da, la dee da........

annie hall
annie hall by shoptrocadero

(clockwise from top left)

Basic, neutral boots would certainly be an Annie Hall staple, and this Dolce Vita pair definitely fits the bill. I can picture her walking in the park with a pair of slightly oversized khakis tucked into the top of these, with a button-up shirt done all the way to the top and a fedora loosely plopped on her head. Her home would have this touch of the "masculine prep" vibe as well, which is perfectly captured by this impeccable John Derian plate (we've got various styles here at the store - every home should have at least one).

Although Annie's not into heels, you can get the look (and a bit of height) with these Seychelles "Blimey" oxfords. The classic black leather, lace-up style and chunky heel make these a cold-weather staple - and with a cute pair of over-the-knee socks you could definitely sport these into the spring, although Annie would probably pair them with a long skirt and a turtleneck. In between "analyst" visits, Annie could write down her notes and emotions in one of our unique Attic Journals - their vintage book covers would surely suit her style. She'd probably tote one of them around in this covetable Lambertson Truex "Boxcar" bag, a gorgeous find in this rich chocolate brown.

For those lonely nights at home, Annie could light up one of our popular Diptyque candles. The "Figuer" or fig scent has an almost woodsy tone and would surely be a personal favorite of hers.

Of course, even those of us who aren't the semi-ditsy, loveable Annie Hall could appreciate these fine selections from Trocadero. Pick up a little inspiration today (remember, we do phone orders!) and stay tuned for the next Trocadero feature film!

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