Monday, March 1, 2010

The Troc's "Virtual" Shoe Store Spring 2010

Today I did some "virtual" shopping on the internet. This time I was looking at shoes on net-a-porter and was completely stupefied by the prices. I'm so glad I'm not a fashion editor anymore. I know that there would be no way in hell that I could feature these outlandishly priced shoes in the magazine and instead I would be relegated to showing crappy shoes from mainstream brands. Ick. That's not what fashion is about to me but I know these days, most of the "consumer-driven" magazines show "affordable" looks that are available at your local mall. It's what the direction of my magazine was going and I'm glad I got out before I only was able to shoot items under $100. I don't know about you but I buy the magazines to show me the stuff I don't readily see in the basic stores in the strip malls and beyond. If I want to see the bubble skirt from Aeropostale, I can go and check that out myself. Instead, can you please fill your glossy pages with clothing from Derek Lam, Lanvin, Prada and Dries please? And while you're at it, I want to see covetable clutches from Balmain and Miu Miu, not cheap plastic ones from Intuition and Fossil.

But going back to shoes. It's pretty crazy, to say the least, that the average price point of a decently designed spring shoe is around $895. Yes, that's right, EIGHT HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE DOLLARS! I "shopped" on net-a-porter and found that the majority of the shoes hovered above $795. As a shoe retailer I will emphatically state that I do not carry any new spring shoes even near that price point. And to be honest, I can't say I even liked that many that were so ridiculously over-priced. Actually my favorites tended to be updated classics and styles that could remain in your closet for a lifetime. And they were all under $695. If I could only stock 5 shoes (from net-a-porter) in my shop right now, they would be:

1.Jimmy Choo platform clog sandal in desert suede, $395. Great price for Jimmy Choo and a great casual sandal for the spring/summer. I love it with shorts, jeans, sundresses, you name it. The neutral color is key here. I WISH I had this shoe in my shop for real. I would snap the size 7 in a second for myself. Love it.

2. Rupert Sanderson black patent pumps, $585. If you don't have a black patent pump, now's the time to invest in one. This is a REALLY nicely shaped one; great toe, nice heel, sexy deep cuts on the side. I would tell all my customers to buy this if they didn't have a basic black pump. It's that good.

3. Maison Martin Margiela two-tone peep toe mary jane, $695. Really pretty, very feminine but smart at the same time. Not a basic but definitely can become a key piece in a shoe wardrobe because of its two-tone neutral colors and very day-to-night usefulness. A little on the higher price side but definitely something that I would recommend for that working woman who has everything else in her shoe wardrobe but is looking for a practical but fresh updater.

4. DKNY two tone wedge in black suede and nude patent, $245. I love a good wedge that will go with almost everything and can be dressed up or dressed down. It's not a showstopper but will definitely be a workhorse in your shoe wardrobe for the summer.

5. See by Chloe tassel loafers, $245. It's a stretch for Omaha but I loved these when I saw them at the shoe show last August. They're preppy, a bit 80s but all the while being current and in many ways, classics. Wear them to the club, on vacation, with a seersucker jacket over a floral sundress. It doesn't have to be cliché and it certainly doesn't have to be predictable.

Some other notables:
6. Miu Miu platform black patent slingback, $575. These are amazing high heel sandals to incorporate into a spring shoe wardrobe. They're not necessities but I like them enough that if I could, I would buy these for my shop pronto.

7.Giuseppe Zanotti leopard-print peep toe pumps, $595. I like when an animal print is done well (read: not tacky) and this one is almost perfect. I love that it's on a lower heel and the little splash of red gives some added color. Great way to liven up a black, beige, red or white dress or pants. I like this almost more than the Margielas.

8. Jimmy Choo classic leather pumps in black, $495. I would definitely offer these as an alternative to the Sandersons because of the heel height. This pump is so utterly awesomely perfect. The heel is ideal, the cut is classic. If you don't have a good mid-sized "walking" black pump, this is the one to buy. Go do yourself a favor and get this shoe if you need a basic black pump. If you're 25, you'll have it until you're 40. If you're 30, don't waste your money on buying a cheap black pump from somebody else. And if you're over 40, really, please invest in a nice, expensive black pump. Jimmy, Christian, Manolo, Brian. You know who you are...



Alice - I purchased the Jimmy Choo clog sandals - I hope they feel as good as they look.
However, going to the Net-a-Porter website may have gotten me in trouble - what a great site! I loved the dress section - I looked through the cocktail/party dresses and loved the Halston ones - they remind me of the disco age.
ps this will be my first pair of Jimmy Choos!

jamie clare said...

I LOVE THE SEE BY CHLOE LOAFERS. OMG. can we get them pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease please?!?!

haha. :)