Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alice's Shoe Pick of Fall 2010

I'm not a huge vintage clothing wearer but I'm definitely nostalgic when it comes to clothes and accessories from my past. One of the key items that I adore are these Bastad clogs from Sweden. They remind me of my youth -- from about age 5 on these wooden sole shoes were mainstays in my footwear wardrobe. Yeah, at first look, they might seem a tad "bowling shoe ugly," but it's really in the way that one wears them that the look can be "very preppy-chic, Ali MacGraw, stylish 70s."

About 7 years ago I came across the manufacturer of the Bastad clog at the WSA Shoe Show in Las Vegas. I couldn't believe my eyes! I hadn't seen them since the 70s when I was growing up in Buffalo, NY. I immediately asked them if I could personally order a pair for myself as I grew up in the shoes. They looked at me and said, "You must have grown up in Buffalo." Apparently the distribution of this particular clog wasn't very widespread and literally the only place that carried this style was Buffalo, NY!

Flash forward to about two weeks ago when on a whim I googled Bastad clogs and found them available once again on shoebuy.com. Already owning them in tan, I decided a navy pair was needed. I purchased them and waited with anticipation to receive my new clogs.

A few days later after they arrived, I was hooked. I loved the arch support, the way they alleviated my foot aches and most of all, the height they elevated me! It's about two inches of heel without the wobbliness of a stiletto. Plus, they looked fantastic with tights and mini skirts as well as cute socks, chunky knit sweaters and corduroys. Right then and there I decided, I NEED THEM IN BLACK TOO.

So now, another week later, I'm the proud owner of the Bastad Audubon clog in tan, navy and black. I feel armed (or legged?) to face the fall and winter season with some "vintage" footwear that's timeless (in my opinion) but coincidentally, very on point with what's going on in fashion right now: Check out Alexa Chung, SJP and Rachel Bilson in their own clogs of the season.

If you're not a fan of the Bastad "lace up" Audubon style, I also recommend the Bastad Wright which has a pretty braid up the center.

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grace said...

I am also from Buffalo, NY and would LOVE to own a pair of these beauties once again - I used to get mine on Hertel at The Sample!