Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Retro-fit your wardrobe for Spring 2012

I've also been following the uber feminine return that is going to be poppin' this spring. To follow up on that idea posted by Jared, I wanted too seek out some of these top pieces and how your wardrobe can get a fresh face without a fresh chunk of change?

Here's what we're seeing and how you can incorporate it with ease!

There's been a huge pop in flirty pastels, big soft floral prints and lace, going back to the waisted fit and flare of the 50's. Its main pieces are extremely feminine but don't expect to be washed out. The key here is in the accessories. My advice... tough-en-up. Bring in your fall leather or military bomber jackets over a modest lace boat neck dress. Lace that looks sheer is classy and sexy at the same time. Chunky or studded jewelry is the best way to stand out. Stick to just one bold necklace or cuff so it's not overdone.

Key pieces you might want to invest in:

You'll want to find a well fitting feminine a-line dress. Make sure you feel comfortable in this piece so it is your go-to dress for any event; weddings, work day to a night out or just a stroll through the farmers market. I'd suggest a solid color for more options to mix and match. I like the silk full skirt shirt dress from Loft , 98-.

~Tailored colored pants. I'm a fan of the Unisex Slim Slack from American Apparel, 74-. An updated Audrey classic that works with sandals, loafers and boots.
One of my personal favorites I've been looking for is a fitted striped blazer like this weekend blazer. I think this piece will add pop and can be worn with most outfits, dress up or casual!

What do you think? How would you incorporate these looks into your own style?

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