Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jet Set

I am currently packing for the experience of a lifetime. I'm leaving my comfort zone in the Midwest for the desert of Doha, Qatar. The hardest part about packing for the trip is that I have to pack clothes that will cover me up, even though it will be extremely hot. Middle Eastern women are supposed to dress conservatively, and as a foreign guest, I need to respect the culture. I'm not a suit person, so I'll be packing mostly long dresses, skirts, sandals, and TONS OF SUNSCREEN. Who knows, I might arrive and decide I need completely different clothes. As I see it now, my day to day style is going to be based around a solid colored dress and sandals with colored accessories (I still have to be Kathleen). But I'm still looking for a mid-priced lightweight blazer. Any ideas?

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