Sunday, May 17, 2009

Word of the day: tromp l'oeil!

I didn't realize how many fashionable terms have French origins until I opened up Trocadero. I guess it makes sense since the French are so known for their certain "je ne sais quois" when it comes to looking effortlessly chic and so put together. When we got this Harajuku Lovers Tromp L'Oeil "Honey" Tote in Natural (but also available in Black), I remember a few Team Troc members not knowing the word "tromp l'oeil." In French, it literally means "trick the eye" and what makes it tromp l'oeil is that the illustrations on the bag make it look like it's three dimensional (that the button is a realbutton, that the zipper is real). Other examples of tromp l'oeil include this photo of Paris Hilton in a tromp l'oeil sweater where the buttons and belt are sketched onto the fabric.

It is definitely a trend that comes and goes in fashion and one design house that often uses a lot of tromp l'oeil is Moschino. Gwen Stefani isn't alone in recent seasons to use this effect. Some others that have used tromp l'oeil include Sonia Rykiel, Martin Margiela, Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood. 
And I recently purchased a very kick ass black t-shirt from Target that has a wonderful silvery-white tromp l'oeil multi-layered necklace (very old school Tom Binns-looking). As I always say, it's not difficult to mix high with your low. I like to wear my tee with my Marc Jacobs voluminous cuffed shorts from S/S 2006 and my Louis Vuitton silver buckle belt in black.

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