Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the Mood for the College World Series

Baseball, one of America's favorite pastimes, has taken over Omaha for the first half of June in the form of the College World Series. Two days ago, I sat through four innings (as many as I have the patience for) of the LSU vs. Arkansas game with my friends but could hardly concentrate on the field. I was more intrigued by what the fans around me were wearing. Sitting in front of an LSU fan with toy tigers and Mardi Gras beads glued to her hat (cute, I know) and behind ten die-hard Arkansas fans body-painted to spell out "Razorbacks", I just had to look. Even walking through the crowds of fans in the Old Market, I noticed that many of them can't help but sport their home team's colors, as well. However, I saw that many of the fans stick to colored clothing when they could be going the extra mile with team colored accessories we have at the store. Take the purple Botkier James tote, for example. How perfect would that be for an LSU lover? Or a few red items, like the Matt Bernson Barracuda sandal and the Rafe Pearl bag, for someone cheering on ASU. The store even has Carolina blue baby clothes and Dolce Vita shoes, plus a Southern Miss gold Python bag! Any accessory from our "team-colored" display seems perfect for these fans.

All this talk about the College World Series has just made me think how much I love attending. I mean, you can never go wrong with a nice summer day, tickets to a sports event, and some good greasy food. Oh, the greasy food at the stadium - even the staff here can't get enough. When asked to choose between a hot dog, popcorn, and a baked pretzel, I chose the pretzel... with a side of cheese! Sarah and Marie like their hot baked pretzels too while the other high-school intern, Lauren, chose popcorn (only because the ever-famous Bloomin' Onion wasn't offered) and Jared, another intern, went off the list and chose his favorite: cotton candy (pink, to be exact). As for Alice, Drew and Helen, they go for the Hebrew National hot dogs (courtesy of local Con Agra!). 
With two ball games almost every day, I'm just looking forward to the final match, which is the only whole game I'm willing to sit through. Who's going to win? I couldn't even guess. I do know the competition has narrowed down to ASU, Arkansas, LSU, Texas, UNC, and Virginia. So, good luck to all. The spirit, excitement, and food from the stadium is enough to last me the entire summer. I'm soaking it up; you should too.

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