Monday, June 22, 2009

Play Ball!

Alice and I are both headed to the College World Series tonight for the first of the final games. It's going to be a hot one - 97 degrees today, with heat indexes in the triple-digits - but after seeing the slew of Texas and LSU fans that came streaming into Trocadero yesterday, I'm betting on a high-energy, albeit sunburned, crowd. These southerners have no shortage of team spirit, that's for sure. Yesterday at the store, Alice and I saw tons of yellow, purple and orange-clad baseball fans filling the Old Market and checking out what we had in the store. Their often stylish team spirit (hello purple and yellow Rescue Beauty Lounge manicures!) inspired me to create the below collage. Such spirited style can turn even a fashionista into a sport lover.

LSU vs. Texas

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