Saturday, July 25, 2009

Care for Your Hair

Since the last time I posted (about a week ago... yikes!), the weather has changed from rainy to scorching hot to breezy and back again. On top of managing my schedule for work, fun, and that ever needed "alone time", I've had to manage my outfits and hair for every type of weather Nebraska's temperamental summer has thrown at me! As you can tell from my last blog, July Showers Bring August Flowers?, I don't have too much trouble managing my outfits. However, my hair is a different story. Being born with a full head of light brown, thick-as-can-be hair isn't quite the blessing my mother thought it was. My 'do does have its benefits (like being able to handle any style), but it also seems to cause me such trouble on these summer days I speak of. Waking up with it knotted and wavy, I take various approaches to each style I choose to sport. Curly takes quite a while to fix up and doesn't last for long, stick-straight is easy but doesn't contribute much to my look, and a ponytail seems too "plain Jane" for me. I sometimes begin to wonder... does anyone else have the same hair problems I do? Though I try my best to switch my hairstyle up every day or two, I've finally realized that it isn't all about what I do with my hair; it's about how I care for it and then how I style it. Which leads me to the entire point of this post... essentials for summer hair care. So, save yourself the trouble I have to go through and let me guide you on how to clean, style, and accessorize your hair.
Take a look-see at this mini-guide and find out what products work in which way and for what purpose. We carry all of the items at Trocadero. From Malin + Goetz Sage Styling Cream to Ole Henriksen Neutral Hair shampoo and conditioner, you're bound to find something to tame your mane for the summer.

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