Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's remember these style icons.

This is Miss Marie blogging for the first time and even though I'd rather have my first blog for TrocTalk be about more uplifting pieces, I realize this is a great opportunity to touch base on what the passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson has brought to the fashion community.

Whether it was Farrah's gorgeous locks and smile or Michael's white glove, pegged pants and stark white socks, they all left a very strong impression with us. Not only will these individuals leave a lasting legacy in the acting and music industry, but they will forever be an inspiration for generations to come. This is Trocadero's tribute to them and how they forever changed our fashion outlook.
Farrah's signature style was obviously her feathered locks. Above, Whitney Port and Paris Hilton pay homage to her iconic 70's-hairstyle. You can recreate this style by using some of Trocadero's haircare products from Paul Labrecque, such as the Volume Style Root-Lifting Spray and Daily Finish Matte Pomade.

Michael's Thriller album has him in a sleek, white suit that is not far from what Katy Perry is sporting. Ashley Olsen has the Billie Jean look down to a T. And...let's not forget that iconic red, puffy, leather jacket that Rihanna is rockin'. To get a little bit of the 80's look, try these Marc by Marc Jacobs flats and the Botkier fold over clutch.

All accessories are available at Trocadero.

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