Monday, July 20, 2009

July Showers Bring August Flowers?

Today's weather forecast: cloudy and light showers with a chance of thunderstorms... yick. That dreaded weather report turns everyone's "supposed to be summer" day into one of those "I don't want to do anything other than lay in bed and watch HBO" kind of days. This one rainy day mixed into a full week of lovely weather has been irking me since I woke up. Everyone's supposedly cooped up in their house watching the latest episode of True Blood or at a coffee shop warming up with a latte because there isn't anything better to do. However, I think most people don't go out on days like these because they have no idea what to wear. I often find myself thinking, "ya' can't sport a sundress when there isn't a ray of sunshine" or questioning if jeans and a long-sleeved shirt would be too much cover-up for the month of July. And even though you could technically categorize my daily schedule as something similar to those inside-only types (except I'm required to be inside for work), I decided to turn all my unused energy into a tutorial on how to dress for a rainy day.
Starting off with a trench coat and a pair of slim-fit jeans (two things every closet needs), you can go for a variety of looks. Make your neutral coat pop with the bright colors in "This Look" or glam it up with rich purple and gold tones in "That Look". Carry a bag that won't get soaked if you have to take it out into the rain. I recommend the usually water-resistant fabrics like nylon or patent leather. As well as covering your belongings, keep your feet out of the puddles with a sturdy pair of patent leather flats, like the Miss Marc ones featured, or put on your favorite pair of pumps. It'll save your feet and pants from the water and add "umph!" to your look. Pretty much a win-win situation, if you ask me. To top it all off, you can even find an umbrella to match!

All the accessories (other than the umbrellas) featured are available down here at the Troc. So, if you need something to do on a day like this, add your own touches to our stylish outfits to look great on even the most drab of days!

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sarah-mai said...

Love all of it! I love rain accessories!!!