Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall's Hot Neutrals

Fall 2010 Colors

Don't let the temperature outside fool you: It really is fall. With the change of seasons comes a change in trends. Are you up-to-date on what's hot this autumn?

In addition to deep purple and bright red, neutrals are a big color trend this season. But if the warm weather is preventing you from pulling out your camel overcoat or slipping into a pair of olive green cargo pants, why not dip your digits in putty-colored polish?

We think neutral nails are a welcomed break from the dark, vampy colors of past falls and winters. They can come across as classic, bohemian or edgy and look good on nearly every skin tone.

A popular neutral for nails this fall is "greige," a mix of grey and beige. We've always been a fan of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Grunge, a greige with a bit of pink in it that's perfectly on trend this season.

If the color in the RBL bottle doesn't grab you, this description of the "Grunge" girl from the Rescue Beauty Lounge website will:
"There's an uber-cool woman. She's rocking a Sally Hershberger shag, wears nerdy-edgy glasses and has the greatest handbag ever — that her friend the designer created for her. At least you can have her nails — a moody pinkish grey with a dash of lilac. Unexpected but way cool."
Grunge is currently unavailable from RBL online, but we have it in stock at Trocadero! And we're currently running a special cosmetics promotion - Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off. Hurry, though, because we have a limited number of bottles of Grunge left. Get yours while you can!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bon Anniversaire!

One of my favorite bloggers, the super chic Joslyn of Simple Lovely, recently posted photos of her daughter's French-themed birthday party. I love how she incorporated the book This is Paris into the decor. I never would've thought of doing that, but now I may steal the idea for upcoming parties!

We currently have in stock This is Venice, This is Britain, This is New York, This is Paris, This is Texas, This is Rome, This is Edinburgh, This is Israel and This is San Francisco for your reading or decorating pleasure.

I also love how the young attendees were gifted with black berets to wear during the fete. Tres adorable!

(images via Simple Lovely)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I have been back from fashion week for one day and it already seems like a blur. The past week that I spent in New York City interning for the PR firm LaForce + Stevens was truly spectacular, better than I could have ever imagined.

My week started off in their office doing typical intern projects, such as stuffing envelopes with invitations for upcoming events, filling goody bags to be sent to editors, or running errands all around the city, which were all pretty fun projects! It gave me the chance to get to know most of the 9th floor fashion team over these two days and get a sense for what life in the office was like.

On Thursday, craziness hit the office. Fashion Week was officially starting, events and runway shows were just hours away and people were running in and out of the office nonstop. Thursday morning, Jamie and I had the incredible experience to work the Vena Cava show. We arrived at 9:00 am to start helping Hannah (the lead for the show, a fellow Omahan, and a past Troc intern) prep for the show. Being backstage and seeing everything come together in just three hours was unbelievable. The runway had to get set up with its props, the seating cards had to be perfectly laid out along the benches, the models had to be prepped and styled, the music had to be tested, and a final run through happened in the last hour before the show, all before the guests arrived and had to be checked in - it was definitely a hectic three + hours. When the show finally started we all rushed into the room the stand in the back and hope to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous models, beautiful clothes, and scout out who was in the front row. For my first real fashion show, it was truly breathtaking, especially having been able to see it from both sides of the spectrum.

Later that day, back in the office, I thought to myself, “wow, this week has already been amazing and 100% worth it!” Little did I know it was only going uphill from there! Just 24 hours later Jamie and I got the chance to meet Anna Wintour at QVC’s Fashion’s Night Out event, and get a September Vogue signed by her and Steve Meyers! It was really a fluke that it happened, but either way it was unbelievable. The best part about meeting Anna was when she asked me where I was from, I replied “Omaha,” and she said “Oh wow! Are you just here for the night? Make sure you go shopping!”

My week ended on a high note with the Robert Geller show. This one was particularly fun because Jamie and I worked “check-in,” so we got to see all the guests as they arrived for the show. Because Geller had been a CFDA finalist, he had a pretty strong front-row attendance, with many big editors and CFDA members. It was also interesting to compare the different atmospheres of the two shows I attended and how the different designers work.

Honestly, I wish I was still in NYC for the rest of fashion week! My first fashion week was really unbelievable. I had the chance to meet so may new people in the industry, learn about the insides of a PR firm, and even attend a few runway shows! I can’t event count the number of times I told Jamie I was “dying” of excitement throughout the week. I am definitely looking forward to heading back to the city for my next fashion adventure, though it sure will be hard to top this one!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The New Preppy

When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, I had a best friend named Alexis. But her nickname was "Bunny" and I was "Bitsy" of course.

I was obsessed with The Official Preppy Handbook published back in 1980. I made sure that I followed as much as the fashion illustrations as possible; from the grosgrain headbands, the Pappagallo "Bermuda" bag, the pink and green uniform. It was, of course, the inspiration for the nicknames that my friend and I used for each other.

Today as I was getting dressed in my navy and white nautical dress with gold buttons, off-white Sperry topsiders and had my white double-wrap "Cape Cod" Hermes watch on my tanned wrist, I couldn't help but have a flash back to the days when I longed for WASP-y, preppy traditions and stereotypes.

Well, it's true that some fads never fade -- and as such it's not surprising that 30 years later, the writers of the original preppy manual have come out with True Prep. If only it were as classic and good as the original. But no need to cry on Buffy's shoulder; there are enough iconic items you can scrounge up to come up with your own preppy mold.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bright Lights, Big City: Two Troc Interns' First Trip to NYC!

I have been given the unbelievable opportunity to go to New York and intern for the prestigious PR firm, LaForce + Stevens, for six days of NY Fashion Week.

Today, Jared and myself (he's also a Troc intern) made it to the Big Apple. It was our very first time there and we were both overwhelmed and overjoyed with the experience!


Gotta try New York pizza! :D

Of course, being the ultimate fashion journalism nerd, I HAD to take a picture outside the Conde Nast building! (Wearing my amazing Megan Parks scarf from Trocadero, I may add! I haven't taken this thing off for days!)

Jared sporting a chic shopping bag from Zara, his trusty LAMB tote and Helen Ficalora charm necklace (both from the Troc!)

We can't wait to see what the next week brings us, and I'm excited to see what the city is like for Fashion's Night Out on September 10!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hot and Not-so-Hot of the Emmy Red Carpet

The red carpet was a sea of hits and misses this year at the 2010 Emmys. Let's just say there was not a shortage of "interesting" looks. Lots of actresses vied to stand out in statement frocks complete with feathers, sequins and sculpted accents; but the true winners of the evening were those that seemed to take a more subtle approach. Here are my picks for worst and best dressed on the red carpet.

Worst dressed...

1. Dianna Argon
This Glee songstress hit the wrong note in this tiered Carolina Herrera gown. Dianna is such a beautiful girl, so it's very unfortunate to see her in a doily.

2. Christina Hendricks
This Madmen star shined in all the wrong places in this Zac Posen creation. A little too Victorian in the bodice, Hendricks' upper half appears a little too voluptuous in this number. Pair that with this dusty mauve shade that washes her out and you've got a "mad" choice for an Emmy gown.

3. Sofia Vergara
Sophia in another Carolina Herrera misstep. This gown simply looks like a cheap high school homecoming dress.

4. Emily Blunt
Blunt's lilac Dior dress is a poor color choice for her fair skin and the splattered embellishment is just unflattering.

5. Heidi Klum
Now, usually I am all for a dress with a hem up to there, but this Marchesa mini just seemed inappropriate for the Emmys. Maybe a more fitting choice for the VMAs. The sculpted hair and statement necklace with such a heavily textured dress also pushes this one a bit too far.

Best Dressed...

1. Nina Dobrev
This Zuhair Murad gown is by far my favorite of the red carpet contenders. This nude color works well on Dobrev's golden skin. Her choice of just a pair of diamond drop earrings and a simple and elegant pulled back hairdo really work to compliment the slight shine and texture of the dress. In true goddess fashion, Dobrev pulled out all the stops for this carpet winner.

2. Jennifer Carpenter
Carpenter is so statuesque in this one sleeved sequin Oday Shakar gown. Although, I would prefer this dress without a full length sleeve, it's still a winner in my book. Carpenter also gets my pick for best hair on the red carpet. A simple side-swept do was the perfect pick for such a standout gown and looked so natural and easy on her.

3. Eva Longoria Parker

Eva is always a knockout on the red carpet. This black Robert Rodriguez number looks like it was made for her. I also love Parker's choice of chandelier earrings with a pop of ruby color to add some pizazz to a classic black dress.

4. Carrie Preston
Even though one site called Preston's dress an underwater creature, I still put her on my list for best dressed. I love the playfulness and ease of this Makoto Takado gown. The fresh burst of color was also a treat for the red carpet.

Honorable Mention...

Kelly Osbourne
I must give a HUGE honorable mention to Kelly Osbourne for this elegant and gorgeous look. We're all used to seeing the pint size powerhouse with dreadful colored hair, just plain bad makeup and unflattering outfits, so to see her in this Tony Ward Couture gown was a real pleasure. Her new figure is to- die- for too!

Best Dressed Men...

1. Neil Patrick Harris

I am a sucker for a slick gray suit. So, Neil patrick Harris gets my vote for best dressed man.

2. Ryan Kwanten
What can I say about True Blood's Ryan Kwanten.....oh, so delicious....and his BOSS Black plaid suit is unexpected and suave.

Worst Hair...

Lea Michele
Lea's hair just reminds me of a bad and unkempt wig...that's all I have to say about that.

What did you think of this years red carpet?

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PJ's Emmy Red Carpet Round-Up

Jamie's personal style differs than mine in a big way, and that's one of the reasons I love her so. She's much more of a risk taker than I am when it comes to fashion, which explains why our red carpet picks from the Emmys aren't exactly aligned (although we did agree on one!). Read on to see what I thought looked lovely and what left me confused.

Thumbs Down

2010 emmys january jones

January Jones's dress looks too much like a mullet. Perhaps I wouldn't have minded the Versace creation so much if January stuck with nude shoes and a classic, pulled-back hairstyle.

(Same with Anna Paquin's. I agree with Jamie on this one -- she just looked too fierce, and not in a Christian Siriano way.)

2010 emmys kyra sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick's hair is too undone. And the texture and color of the dress seem too heavy and out of season for a Summer awards show.

2010 emmys keri russell

Keri Russell looks too much like an extra from "Dirty Dancing." I applaud her choice of color, but the awkward ankle length and ill-fitting top of this dress make me sad. Plus, the purse doesn't work with the look.

Thumbs Up

2010 emmys jayma mays

A lovely combination of navy and gold on Jayma Mays. Great color choice for the redhead.

2010 emmys tina fey

A lovely hairstyle on Tina Fey... finally! I'm on the fence about the dress. It's better than some of her previous red carpet ensembles but it reminds me of an Egyptian cartouche.

2010 emmys claire danes

A lovely dress on Claire Danes... but her overall look is just too shiny. Her face and body are glowing in an unnatural way, and I think her eyeshadow was too matchy-matchy with her dress.

So, what do you think of my picks?

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Score or Snore: Emmy Fashion Recap

With the exceptions of January Jones and Anna Paquin, I thought the Emmy red carpet was a general snooze, which is generally what I think of award show fashion. More celebrities need stylists with guts!

Here are my top 3:

January Jones of "Mad Men" unquestionably has my pick of the night. Jones usually opts for architectural Versace on the red carpet (this mint green number she wore to the 2009 Emmys was literally my favorite dress of the year) and I have to say that I wholeheartedly approve. She absolutely never fails to look interesting. This blue Versace makes her eyes pop, and I love her carefree hair and lack of jewelry - perfect choices.

I love this loose boho-glam ensemble on Keri Russell. The Emmys are not the Oscars, and too many television actresses take themselves too seriously. (There's a reason the washed-up film stars end up with a television series - only rarely does it work the other way around.) Keri looks feminine and positively glowing, and her accessories complement her outfit flawlessly.

I can't pin it down but I was pleasantly surprised by Jenna Fischer of "The Office." Her hair is picture perfect and she looks completely comfortable in her red Versace gown. She got a lot of heat for blending into the carpet, but I think her effortlessness makes her stand out.

Honorable Mentions:

Lea Michele of "Glee" looked nice in her navy blue Oscar de la Renta gown, but I think it's a bit too mature, especially with her heavy jewelry. Also, has anyone else noticed the amount of weight she's lost lately?!

Love that someone wore Burberry on the red carpet, but I would have loved to see this gown styled in a way that's a bit less stuffy and more true to the brand, like with a leather belt and a loose updo. Cute gold accents, but overall I'd say Jayma Mays played it pretty safe. The hair is also a yawn.  

The Bad:

LOVE that Anna Paquin of "True Blood" chose McQueen. HATE that she chose this one. (Would have preferred this shorter option, even in red.) The top seems to fit her awkwardly and the bottom portion looks haphazardly draped on her petite frame, and her hair and facial expressions are just way too severe. I'm almost scared of her.

I really don't think I have to justify why Mindy Kalig's Emmy dress is in the bad category.

I don't know who on earth told Lauren Graham that this dress was "the one." Completely and utterly unflattering.

This may be controversial, but I will say that I would have loved this look if Tina Fey's Oscar de la Renta dress was in a solid color. As it stands, I feel like aliens are trying to communicate messages to me via lace. And I think her hair looks equally as strange.

What did you think of the fashion at this year's Emmys?