Saturday, August 6, 2011

Makes Perfect Cents

When I get bored I tend to resort to, either that or food. Last night I was "stumbling" and came across a website called THREADSENCE.

Here is their definition for those of you wondering what they're all about:

Threadsence [thred-sens]
"Clothing and fashion at it's very core; basic and invariable nature of a thing; the essence of threads."

Threadsence has a feminine, flirty feel to it with a touch of something different. I like to compare it to Urban Outfitters only not as pricey.

I enjoy rocking the urban feel from time to time when I'm feelin' the mood. You could basically pick out your entire outfit from head to toe if you wanted to without leaving the page, and my favorite part is that you don't have to spend a fortune.

They bring you unique brands from all over, including Tulle, Lamixx, Fluffy Co and Evil Twin, the list goes on believe me.
Dress: $35
Cuff: $19
Bangles: $18
Necklace: $14
Shoes: $26
=$112 for a whole outfit!

For those of you already gearing up for fall, here's my look of choice incorporating other pieces you may already own:

Throw in any graphic tee and your favorite pair of dark skinnies and you're golden!
Graphic Tee: Forever 21 $15.80
Blazer: Threadsence $59
Earrings: Threadsence $9
Sandals: Threadsence $52.50
= $136

Check out their website to create your own look, the possibilities are endless!

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