Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Troc Staff Share Their New Year Resolutions!

Everyone enjoys starting a clean slate with the start of each new year, and 2012 is no exception. To get ourselves on track, the staff of Trocadero is more than happy to share their New Year's resolutions and how we plan on living "the good life" this year!

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Alice Kim, store owner:
  • writing at least five times a week
  • having more dinner parties
  • learning a new language...maybe Korean! 

Jil B., manager: 
  • practice yoga or meditation daily (she'll be certified to teach by fall!)
  • save money for a trip to Europe
  • celebrate turning 30 in style!  

Jamie B., part-time manager: 
  • start her own blog again (the third time is the charm, right?)
  • learn how to cook
  • build savings
  • exercise more - wouldn't be an honest list without including this, haha!  

Megan T., associate: 
  • creating a cohesive wardrobe full of classics for every occasion 
  • drink more water 

Jared S., associate: 
  • investing in more staples and statement piece for his wardrobe! 

Chelsey Y., associate: 
  • read every night 

What are YOUR New Year's resolutions? 

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