Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Forget Happy Hour... Happy Day is here!

I was just in Portland, OR and I found it was a city that is REALLY into their happy hours. All bars are required to serve some kind of food which opened the arena for a plethora of cheap, tasty appetizers, delicious martinis or local brews, whatever your flavor... on that note....

It inspired me to start mining for gold in my own backyard...

We look to travel across cities, countrys or even continents in search of something new. While that's all very important and fun, most days we aren't trekking across the globe, we're right at home. Here is one great happening right in our own community!

Our local Old Market neighbor, Urban Wine Co., made me very happy today. They just announced in my inbox that all fridays in all of March are ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR! So I guess that makes it... Oh, Happy Day!

Once this month, try to make this your destination after work, or heck, get there for lunch and take the rest of the day off. They have a fairly wide selection of house made sushi rolls for $5 and will roll out a sample of wine tastings right at the bar for you at an affordable price. Ask them about their Wine Club.

Located at 1037 Jones St in the Old Market, check their website for current hours and specials. Find them on Facebook here!

Got any favorite Happy Hour hangouts? Let us know where you go and why you love it!

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