Monday, March 19, 2012

Postcards From Austin

Last week I headed to Austin, Texas for the music festival SXSW (South by Southwest). One week in Texas yielded a lot to take in- from food trucks, crowds, outrageous outfits, to countless bands and endless clubs, bars and venues.
My first day began with brunch at the Magnolia Cafe, and from there the journey and never-ending walk began. Enjoy my photo diary of my first two days in the Lone Star state, and be sure to come back for my reel of the next three days.

The sign alone does it for me.

My 3 egg frittata full of smokey shards of bacon, broccoli, and topped with creamy sour cream. (Barely pictured, far left: a Sprite and hibiscus tea concoction that was quite refreshing.)

The garden patio of the Magnolia Cafe.

Brooklyn Vegan showcase at Hotel Vegas.

Daytime sparkle at Vegas.

Beards, caps, and shades.

More beards in hats at the Whole Foods Dark Rye tent.

Patio snapshots at Beer Land.

70s chic.

Traffic stopper.

My photo of the day. I loved this building side with these beautiful flowers!

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