Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Stroke of Sparkle

Every once in a while at the shop, I find myself staring down at the palate of Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish colors wondering, "what color do I feel like for this week?" My most common answer is either Drifter, a lovely raspberry color that has been on my nails, in total, for about five months - or - Stormy, a medium grey hue that goes with pretty much everything. On any given day, I'll swipe on a few coats of either and call it good. If I'm feeling really fancy, I might add a touch of Frugalista (who doesn't like glitter?) as an overcoat.

But today, I wanted something different. I walked over to the tray of colors, so delicately sorted into darks, brights, and neutrals and chose a color I'd never even considered before. Grunge, a nude shade. Not being a fan of my hands or fingers, for odd personal reasons, I'd always imagined a neutral nail polish on my nails would look weird or too much like my skin. However, I was quite surprised upon dabbing on the second coat. I liked Grunge on my nails. I really liked it.

I then remembered a bottle of Frugalista I've been storing in my purse and decided to give it a whirl. Yet, this time, I glittered only the tips of my nails. And the outcome was fabulous:

Call me crazy, but this may be my favorite polish look I've ever created and you could have nails like this just as easily. The bottles run for $19 and come in shades like Orbis Non Sufficit, Chinoise, Squarepants, Purple Haze, and Film Noir (a very deep plum). If you fancy decorated nails or just want a unique shade for something different, these Rescue Beauty Lounge colors are the way to go.

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