Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three 4 Thursday

Ever open up your closet and think you have nothing to wear? Or do you find yourself wearing the same things every day? In a recent NYTimes article, Eric Wilson writes about the "shopping diet" as well as the "Six Items or Less" challenge, where participants pick 6 items from their wardrobe and can only wear those 6 pieces for a 30 day period. You can change accessories, wear different shoes and obviously mix and match those 6 items. It made me think about what 6 items in my closet that I would pick...check back later this week to find out my 6 items I would pick. What would yours be?

Night WorkI am currently loving the newish CD from Scissor Sisters called Night Work. The title song itself is a fun, rollicking beat that makes you want to get up and get on the dance floor. Or at least for me, open up the windows of my car and blast it.

All I am thinking about this week is how to get to Sunday. Because that's the night that Mad Men's season 4 begins (10/9c). I wish I was in NYC though so that I could go to this...


sarah-mai said...

Alice - have you ever seen Scissor Sisters live??? They're amazing. We love them :)

Alice in Wonderland said...

I've never seen them live but I would love to! It's just such great dance music with an amazing beat. LOVE Comfortably Numb on their first album/CD.