Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TOP THREE: Bond Perfumes

I must admit that prior to interning at the Troc, I was all but oblivious to the world of fragrance. The only bottle I had owned was Mary Kay's Velocity, which I practically bathed in when I was 13 after my aunt gave it to me for Christmas. But for whatever reason, my spending money always gravitated towards food and clothing before it ventured anywhere near the perfume counter.

Three days into working at Trocadero, the delightfully star-shaped bottles of Bond No. 9 called to me, begging to be tested. Another employee rattled off the numerous benefits of this brand, which, at over $100 for a small bottle, was incredibly intimidating to a fragrance freshman like myself.

Luckily for me, the captivating scents spoke for themselves. I barely heard her tell me about their incredibly long-lasting formula (they contain the highest level of eau de parfum of any scent on the market) and her chatter about the brand's creation after the September 11th attacks - each is dedicated to a different area of New York City - fell on deaf ears.

From that day forth, I was hooked. Three scents in particular have had me at first sniff, however, and have me saving up to start my own personal Bond collection.

1.] Chinatown. A sweet floral, Chinatown is my absolute favorite of the Bond fragrances we carry. The top notes of peach blossom and gardenia are feminine yet strong, making it the perfect scent to spritz on for an evening out - and, as PJ noted, it just happens to be the sexiest fragrance ever! I have never felt so passionate about a perfume in the past; I proclaimed it my "signature scent" after using up a small sample bottle!

2.] Chelsea Flowers. It's pretty obvious at this point that I fancy a good floral. Chelsea Flowers is my top pick for everyday wear - the white peony and hyacinth top notes are light and delicate, while the magnolia and sandalwood base provide a solid foundation for this all-around spectacular scent.

3.] Astor Place. There is just something about Astor that I adore during the summertime - it has this upbeat energy to it that is absolutely infectious, and the scent is somewhat reminiscent of apples to me. Its bold color-blocked bottle makes this fruity fragrance one of the first ones that new customers pick up, and they are never disappointed with its artful combination of violet, freesia, poppy, mandarin, teakwood, and amber.

If you're curious about Bond, stop by the Troc and pick up a few samples of your favorites - with so many bottles to choose from, you're bound to find a scent you can't live without!

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