Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Troc's Three 4 Thursday

It's been a while since I've blogged but I have so many ideas and usually so little time. So I've decided to edit myself and just quick blog about THREE things today...and since it happens to be Thursday, I've come up with a new weekly blog posting called The Troc's Three 4 Thursday!

I'll be linking to other sites and things that have caught my eye this week...

T4T #1...One of my former colleagues at In Style has a fabulous beauty site called Beauty Blitz (doesn't hurt that she was born with the name Polly Blitzer!). It's an insider-info online beauty magazine chock full of tips, expert advice, new product launches, interviews and Q&As. What caught my eye this week is the "Meet the Pros" focus on Laurice Rahme, the founder of uber-exclusive fragrance line Bond No. 9 (and available at Trocadero, of course!).

T4T #2? I'm having a beauty moment today. So my second link is also beauty-related and happens to be an item I'm obsessed with...this Sephora for OPI nail polish I purchased a few weeks ago before going on vacation. It's called "Only Gold For Me" and it's a clear polish with big gold flakes (and a great price at $9 a bottle!). Unlike a smaller glitter-look, the flecks of gold are larger and almost look like real gold leaf on the nail bed. Right now my nails are super long again and I really love wearing it so that the gold flecks are on the bottom half of my nails and not on the white tips. It really is like jewelry for the nails and it lasts a long time (and obviously since it's clear and the flecks are randomly placed, there are really no touch-up issues).

The final T4T #3 this week would have to be these awesome tank tops that I now own in three colors. You might think I'm crazy again shopping in the maternity section at Target, but I found these on the way to the check out and what makes them perfect is that they're much longer than the average tank top. They don't look or feel maternity -- they just cut longer, come in great colors and are $9.99 each. Check them out: Liz Lange Maternity for Target Long and Lean ribbed tank tops. They're a no brainer.

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