Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fannying the Flames of Desire

I would consider myself a bit of a design junkie, so why then may you ask am I such a supporter of fanny packs, now becoming known by the alternative name "hip belts". My co-workers wondered if I was a bit off my rocker when I kept excitingly demonstrating how I could make the MZ Wallace sequined "Eve" bag into a fanny pack by wrapping the long cross-body strap around my waist twice. Perfect!

The Fanny Pack faced a hard reputation, becoming nearly blacklisted after it made history in the 80's because the only stylish one I ever came across in the last couple years was a metallic silver one by Marc Jacobs, bless his heart, but at the $495 price point I never quite got around to purchasing one. He and many other designers have expanded a bit more into the fanny pack market.
I love this new version by Marc Jacobs in cotton brocade I found featured on Elle.

I like this inspired slim and better yet, removable, drop pouch style found on Alice by Temperly.

For the sporty uni-sexy look try the American Apparel Nylon Cordura at a much easier $22 and available in fun candy colors you can buy one for every day of the week.

One reason I'm such a fan is, I dislike the idea of having to shove a wallet in my butt pocket, a la dude style, just to be hands free. I also started biking to work and everywhere else this summer and being a fan of fashion and functionality, have been exploring alternatives to my shoulder bags for stylish, comfortable and secure methods of carrying things.

Find 10 more reasons to love the fanny pack and more places to find them through I will definitely be rocking them this fall and probably many years to come.

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Erin Blayney said...

My co-worker has a used, black Balenciaga fanny pack with a slick, gold chain as the belt. Its quite classy. And I so want to borrow it!