Monday, July 11, 2011

Shopping in SoHo

I have recently realized that my closet is full of clothes I barely wear and lacking clothes I am dying to wear. Therefore, I have set out to solve this problem and slowly rejuvenate my clothing collection. To do so, whenever I buy a new piece clothing I promise myself I have to donate at least one piece I already have. I just packed three entire boxes of clothes to be given away. So now that I am in New York City with my days free to shop and stroll about, I took today to reward myself with a few items I've been wanting for the summer. Here's what I came back with.
Wedge booties in taupe - These were on my birthday list because I do not own a pair of booties (the horror!). They were also 40% off. Bingo!

Middle: L to R
Tie-bottom cotton tank in black - I read somewhere that tie-bottom shirts fit best on pear shaped women. Having a tiny waist and wider hips, I see myself wearing this with almost anything.

High-waisted denim skirt in grey - I knew this was a wardrobe staple from the second I saw it. The light grey shade is the perfect neutral to balance out any bright color.

Daisy crop top - Too cute not to buy. These shirts are great for hot weather when paired with a longer skirt.

Bottom: L to R
Tie-bottom linen tank in white - I liked the first one so much, I got a second.

Floral print high-waisted shorts - I don't have enough prints in my closet, so these were a great find. Tuck a tank into these and you've got a super cute summer outfit.

Striped cotton tank - I have the same shirt in grey and have worn it to shreds. Another one of my wardrobe staples.

Well, I think that's about it for my shopping excursions in NYC. I'm coming home with a few great items I can't wait to put to use and finally getting rid of some things in my closet. Success.

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