Monday, July 18, 2011

Teenie KKINI Bikini

Bikinis are apart of almost every girl's summer wardrobe. Girls secretly compete with one another to see who has the cutest swim suit. Your swim suit is a fashion statement. KKINI bikinis by Michaela Cawley definitely make a statement.

Michaela Cawley is an Omaha native and graduated from Westside High in 2002. She then ventured off to college in California and decided to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town marked the spot where her love for bikinis and beachwear started. She collected many bikinis while she was there, and then decided that she wanted to start designing them.

After she finished her schooling in California, Cawley traveled back to Cape Town where she studied beachwear. So to make a long story short, she started her own line, KKINI, found a manufacturer, and her luxury swim line was born. KKINI is now sold online, in NYC, and in Cape Town.

Cawley will be featured in the Fall 2011 Omaha Fashion week. The Troc is also lucky enough to team up with her to exclusively carry her glamorous swimsuits in the store for a limited time only. Trocadéro is featuring the blush pink and silver glitter bikinis along with the ultra bright neon yellow and grey strip cover-up. KKINI swim suits are chic and affordable. They range in price from $110-$180. Stop by the Troc and try one on!

Pictures from KKINI Facebook page

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