Friday, December 9, 2011

America the Beautiful

I decided to do things a little bit different this time around, so here is a documentary review, let me know what you guys think!

I watched the documentary, America the Beautiful (written, produced and directed by Darryl Roberts in 2007) on Hulu a little over a week ago, and I’ve been trying to figure out what route to take so I could share it with you all. The truth is, it’s one of those films you’ll have to check out for yourself. Sure, I can share the general outline of the story and pop a few alarming quotes in here, which I already planned on doing, but, you can see how realistic it is when you actually watch it. Do I think you should clear your schedule for it? Not necessarily. I believe we are all aware of the issue at hand; this documentary just brings it to the forefront of our minds. However, if you have time to spare, I do recommend checking it out.

The first few minutes of the film had males of different ages and types expressing their personal views on women. What they want in a women. “Thank God for cloning. If you like your Pam Andersons you can just run ‘em off in a manufacturer and eliminate nasty chicks,” was one male view.

The focus of the film is on a 12-year-old African American model, Gerren Taylor. She took the runway head-on and was more or less thrown into an adult world. Throughout the film you can see how she rises to the top, grows up, gains a few curves and it suddenly became increasingly harder for her to find work.

Another girl, 15-year-old Maggie, has dedicated her whole life to modeling and acting. We’re talkin’ modeling and acting classes and home schooling. Maggie does however, have a slight “belly” as her mother calls it. She so kindly mentions liposuction as an option if Maggie can’t get rid of it. “If that’s what we need to do, then we’ll do it,” says Maggie’s mother.

Her daughter responds with: Plastic surgery is a women’s best friend.

Speaking of plastic surgery, I’m sure some of you have taken part in the guilty pleasure of watching Dr. 90210, yeah? Or are familiar with a few popular faces of plastic surgery? Did you know that some of these so called plastic surgeons were not board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery during the time when this was filmed? You can call the board yourself and find out who really has the skills and who is sliding under the radar.

One of my close friends, might I add… she’s got curves, is black and beautiful and embraces every second of it…thought it was just plain sad. In the beginning portion flashed Victoria’s Secret ads across the screen, saying how unrealistic advertising makes expectations on women. The question was then asked: who benefits from it? “No one benefits from women feeling inferior,” said CG, “we’ve got a long way to come and I doubt we will make any progress because the damage has already been done.

Towards the end of the film, Darryl Roberts is talking with Gerren again and she chimes in and pronounces: I’m ugly. Period. Point Blank. Before Roberts can get a word in she cuts him off again and forcefully says: “Period.”

By the end it showed how self conscious she really was, which I felt showed that the more beauty centered you are, the more self conscious you are, thus showing how much more unnecessarily critical you are. Especially of yourself,” said CG.

Would you ever get your dog testicular implants? Or how about revamp the look of your own hoo-ha?

Shocking? Perhaps.

Unheard of? Nope.

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