Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Perfect Gift for...Jewelry Addicts!

Lately, it seems that I am all about the latest in online shopping crazes - the subscription service. Working a 50+ hour work week, catching up with friends, sneaking in odd freelance jobs, and spending time with family all takes its toll on my time. With such a busy schedule, I often don't have the luxury of treating myself to a few hours of retail therapy. With subscription services, I ensure that once a month I will update my wardrobe and invest a bit of my hard-earned money in myself.

While I will forever be a fan of Birchbox, a $10/month beauty sampling program, I am equally as enamored with JewelMint. This particular subscription service sends you a pretty piece of jewelry for $29.99/month.

Upon signing up for JewelMint, you are asked to take a "style quiz" which determines which pieces will best suit your style. Each month, your "showroom" fills up with stunning selections that are tailored to your tastes - and if you aren't happy with their picks, you can flip through all the options on your own as well. Short on cash, or don't see anything you like? You can skip a month within the first 5 days and you won't be charged. 

Much of JewelMint's appeal comes from celebrity spokeswoman Kate Bosworth. I have forever been a fan of her personal style, and you can truly sense her investments in the company - she's rarely spotted these days without wearing at least piece. Together with her partner-in-crime, celebrity stylist Cher Coulter, JewelMint has become a bonafide success story, launching spin-offs like StyleMint with the Olsen twins and ShoeMint with Rachel Bilson.

I have personally ordered four pieces from JewelMint and have been truly impressed with the style, quality and attention to detail. I've been known to frequent Forever21 for their fast-fashion accessories, but my JewelMint pieces have left those in the dust. 

 Click here to learn more about JewelMint and take the style quiz!

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