Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shin Scissorhands

A few years ago, my friend Shin An was featured in VOGUE as one of New York City's best "underground" hair stylists. At the time she worked either for Mark Garrison or Paul Labrecque, two of the best salons in the city. The VOGUE story focused on those stylists that had a "cult-like" following that weren't exactly the "marquee" names on the door. (I remember that Harry Josh was another stylist featured in the story...but for some reason I cannot find the article online.)

Flash forward to now.

Shin has opened up her very own eponymous salon in Santa Monica. Yup, that's right. She's traded in the concrete jungle streets of NYC for the Palm trees and sandy beaches of sunny southern California.

As featured on vogue.com, Shin is making waves in her Asian-inspired, beachy bungalow on Montana Avenue.

There are people who cut hair and then there's Shin. She is, without-a-doubt, a genius when it comes to knowing hair and what style, shape and cut is best on each particular person. I can't count how many people I have referred to Shin's effortless way of creating magic with a pair of scissors. My college roommate lives in Eastern Connecticut and would make trips to NYC for a Shin hair cut. A good friend from NYC who now lives in Philadelphia also schlepped to New York for Shin to wield her Edward Scissorhands talent. I even converted two friends from Omaha to go to Shin when they went to NYC. Yes, she's that good. The best part of her cuts? No, not the price. You have to pay for a good hair cut. But what makes it worth it is how the cut gets better with time. The hair cut grows out beautifully.

If you want a hair cut of a lifetime, go see Shin. And tell her Alice from Omaha sent you. It wouldn't be the first time!

Shin Salon is located at 1025 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, CA. Phone #: 310-310-3128 or go to shinhair.com

source of photo: vogue.com

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