Thursday, April 19, 2012

Man of Style

For co-owner of bar and lounge House of Loom Brent Crampton, being a taste-maker and staying in the public eye are basic job requirements. The 28-year-old Omaha native is no stranger to working 16 hour days during which he wears the hats of host, event planner, DJ, barback, hype man, and overall face of the bar.

As an ambassador of the city's nightlife scene, Crampton's wardrobe reflects his distinctive eye.

I sat down with Crampton one afternoon in the dimly lit lounge of House of Loom to pick his brain about his unique style.

Define your Style.

One of my mottos is "mixing life." The same way I mix music, which is all over the board, is the way I mix my life, friends, and experiences. From day to day I can feel something different, so it's really a smorgasbord.

Do you have any style inspirations?

Johnny Depp, definitely! The mystery, the sense of danger, and certain dark tonality.

What's in your closet right now?

I went through a V neck phase, but I got tired of that. Now, I'm doing more wide neck kind of stuff. I like my clothes loose and dangly. I'm not a big fan of normal cut tee shirts, I want something that's bigger and I want the texture and contrast.

Any current style obsessions?

I got influenced through Boardwalk Empire, so I've been doing this "dapper" thing with my hair. Kind of taking the sides down and gradually bringing it back.

Do you have any signature items in your wardrobe?

I've always been a fan of necklaces. And this particular dog tag has a Mayan emblem on it and I wear it just about everyday.
A friend of mine was at a Mayan temple and he did this sketch of the symbol on the tomb, turned that into a stamp, and created this . It was a gift for my birthday a couple of years ago. I have no idea what it says.

Hats. I feel like they're a really fun accessory which can convey a lot of character and the particular mood. I like that sort of Cuban, beach, carefree feeling of the fedoras I usually wear. There's also a simplicity to it- sometimes I never actually was able to shake off bed head so I just put a hat on. I'm surprised there aren't more people who celebrate and explore expression with hats.

What are your splurge items?

I would say jeans and pants. You can find a really good pair, but they may be like 300 or 400 dollars. It may seem like a lot, but if they're great pants then you'll wear them a ton and they'll last you a long time. So, I think it's a good investment.
I have a problem buying hats, I have more than I need. I feel like every time I go out of town, I make a conscious effort to not wear a hat, because I may come home with one.

At the end of the day, what does style mean to you?

The way I look at it is instead of trying to dress to impress, it's dress to express. Every day you have the ability to choose what character you're going to play in the world. You can do that through clothes which can be an artistic expression.

All photos by Clay Lomneth

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