Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trend to Try: Nail Art

My nail polish collection has gotten a bit out of hand. The 50+ bottles now sit jumbled up in a clear plastic bin in my bathroom, and if I pick up a few more polishes I'm going to have to own up to my addiction and purchase a new place to store them. That being said, I'm all for using up as many of them as I can, and have found that nail art is the way to get a least a little bit of use out of each bottle. I love the way a printed manicure can act as a statement accessory. Although it takes a little bit of finesse and a lot of patience, do-it-yourself nail art is well worth the time and effort. Find five of my favorite nail designs below, complete with easy-to-follow tutorials (just click the links!). 

If you aren't ready to bust out the brushes and stock up on stencils, this Glamour guide gives you five fabulous options for amping up your manicure. 

You may not be able to afford the dress that inspired this Marni manicure, but you can still add a bit of designer style to your wardrobe. I love this pop art pattern -- and again, the color options are endless!

This is definitely a more classic manicure, one that's a little more office-appropriate than some of my other options but still translates to a night out. Match the metallic color with your jewelry for a complete look!

This design is definitely for the pros, but once you get the hang of it, it's nearly impossible to go back to a singular shade. Try it with neon colors for a super statement!

I love this perfect summer manicure. I don't get to see palm trees or the beach, so these California-inspired nails are just right for when I need a little mental vacation.

Which one would you try? 

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Alice in Wonderland said...

I like the first one! Love the mixing of patterns especially.