Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two for the Road: 11/19/09

Date: 11/19/09
Bag: Dior denim logo saddle satchel
Shoe: John Varvatos for Converse gray flannel Chuck Taylors
Worn with: C&C navy striped long sleeve tee, American Apparel black cotton cardigan, DVF black wool mini skirt, American Apparel black cotton yoga pants
It was a casual day at the Troc for me. While I would have loved to have worn some sexy high heels, patterned tights and a fitted suit, I just wasn't in the mood. I have to admit in the mornings I just gravitate towards the same comfortable shoes and clothing in my closet. Plus I am really trying to not repeat a shoe or bag whatsoever and am proud of my accomplishment thus far. But soon I will be repeating some shoes or boots but with different bag combos than what has been documented here. The bag is a gift from the Dior PR office long ago; I'm not a huge logo fan but this is classic Dior -- an archive shape in denim logo. And I don't own many Diors so this was a keeper. The shoes were stored in my office for years before I finally took them home. Actually, I don't think I've ever worn them until I moved here to Omaha. I wasn't really a sneaker-wearing girl in the city; but what I quickly realized was that these are great winter options for footwear because of the gray flannel and black accents. I'm wearing these with a favorite striped shirt from C&C (I think purchased on a Vegas trip) with my trusty AA pieces and DVF skirt. I found a photo of the striped shirt I am wearing; I'm pictured with the famous poker player, TJ Cloutier and his wife at the Bellagio. This is probably about 5 years ago...and yup, the shirt is still in great condition!
The funny thing about this day at work was that I was wearing argyle socks underneath my pants (the only pair I own) and turns out that PJ was also wearing argyle socks. Must have been argyle sock wearing day. Here's a photo...

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