Sunday, January 31, 2010

Help for the Husbands...or Boyfriends, Fiances, ect.

As you can see from Jamie's post, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. And for all the taken ladies out there, its a day of romance, dressing up, and fancy dinners. But we can't forget that uber-special, romantic present (maybe a ring, maybe a bag) at the end of the tunnel of love, right?But, what if that oh-so-lovely present, well, really isn't lovely at all?

Though it's sad to say, the men in our lives often have no idea what to get us for the lovey-dovey holiday and end up heading down the standard, dozen-roses-and-chocolate path. Yet, for all the guys out there, we understand that ladies can often be hard to shop for. So, to avoid this situation entirely, we've made a list of "routes" to help the guys (and girls) find their way to a perfect Valentine's day gift.

The Purse Route: I've decided the Anya Hindmarch Loose Pockets are the ultimate gift. With sayings like "Martini Money" and "Cruise Fund", the zipper pockets hold anything from money and credit cards to lip gloss and powder. They also come in a variety of colors (all with a metallic tint). Though I was jealous when Alex got one for Christmas, I'm hoping someone will pick me up one as a Valentine... hint, hint Patrick. Although I love the Homework tote I received as a gift, this would be a perfect addition. As for another idea... just imagine the Cruise Fund pocket with a cruise ticket in it. Adorable? Absolutely.

The Lingerie Route: If you're looking to head down a slightly sexier path, fear not. I've found the gift for you. Our Mary Green panties are an excellent mix of sweet and sexy. Why, you may ask? These panties (available in thong, brief, and boy short) are lined with lace, but they come in pastel colors like seafoam green and light pink. So, forget Victoria's Secret for this holiday and treat yourself to these stunningly stylish skivvies.

The Chocolate Route (if you must): The MarieBelle hot chocolate bars are one of our most popular gift items in the store. On a somewhat regular basis, people come in to the shop looking for that cute little something to give... and we almost always mention these. Priced at just 8 dollars and with different percentages of cocoa and sweetness, these chocolate bars are some of the best. Their unique taste and texture stand out from the mainstream brands and are absolutely delicious! However, if you happen to be shopping for a caramel-lover, our Recchiuti Fleur de Sel Caramels are the way to go. Though we've mentioned them plenty of times before, we just can't leave them out!

The Jewelry Route: Last but certainly not least on our gift list is the ever-popular present of jewelry. Though diamonds can be a girls best friend, they often break your budget. So, a quick remedy to that situation is a Helen Ficalora Sterling Silver necklace with our cut-out heart charm. For under $100, this adorable necklace and chain could be yours (or your sweet heart's). Plus, we've got other charms, running $30-$55 that could make your gift extra personal. Just imagine a little silver chain with your initials and a heart charm. Precious, just precious.

Well, that's about it folks. We've got everything from edibles to earrings in the shop, just in case you're in dire need of a gift for Valentine's day. Whether you're the giver or the receiver, be sure to stop at the shop to check out these heartwarming gifts during this cold (temperature-wise) holiday!

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