Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alice's Best Beauty Buys, #10-13

This week's installation of my favorite beauty products include a couple things that are sold at Trocadero. One of them is a best-seller already; the other is definitely one that I feel is something every woman should carry in their purse.

Best Everyday/Travel Toothpaste: Marvis Jasmin Mint
I would use this toothpaste every chance I get if I had enough disposable income. Instead, I have it as part of my morning routine so that I don't go through the tubes too quickly. A great compromise is to use it whenever you travel; the smaller tube is carry-on regulation size and it adds an extra treat when you're on a vacation. The jasmine mint adds a hint of sweetness to make brushing truly a pleasure. I first received my Marvis Jasmin Mint toothpaste from my friend Shin (working at Paul Labrecque, they carried the brand in their salon shop) and from that day forward I was hooked. So many of my customers have become addicted as well. It whitens, brightens and tastes so damn good it makes even the most finicky become a daily brusher.

Best Hand Cream: Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
I love the eucalyptus scent of this hand cream but that's really secondary to the moisturizing effects with no greasy residue. I love that it quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves a fresh scent of eucalyptus that makes me feel like I just left a high-end spa's steam room. It's really good for doctors and other people who tend to have to wash their hands a lot. It almost has a wicking effect with water that keeps the hand moisturized even between washings. I highly recommend it; I won't leave home without it.

Best All-Occasion Lipgloss: Scarlett Contreau
I have known Scarlett Messina since her New Hope boutique days, when she turned me onto lines like Jurlique and other not-so-well-known boutique beauty brands. When she launched her eponymous collection, I jumped on the bandwagon to feature it at In Style. With the opening of Trocadero, I knew one day I would get her involved in the product mix. I carry both her amazing eyeshadows called Glamo Glitz and her super high gloss lip shines. Her lipglosses are fantastic formulas that go on smoothly with lasting color. The Contreau color is a berry red that would work on almost every skin tone. Personally I don't like to wear lipstick because it always looks so "makeup-y" but occasionally I need to look more presentable and polished and when I do, I go to my trusty makeup bag where I'll find my Scarlett Contreau lip gloss and I know I can get camera ready!

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