Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alice's Best Beauty Guide, #4-6

In my continuing education about all the best beauty products ever made, here I offer three more of my favorite items currently in rotation:

Best Cotton "Balls": Cotton Clouds cotton pads
My college ex-boyfriend actually turned me onto these suckers. He was from Manhattan and clearly shopped at Duane Reade his whole life (okay, to be honest, growing up on the Upper East Side, he shopped at Zitomer's) so he was in-the-know about great drugstore items. A cotton ball doesn't have enough surface space and is an awkward shape for using toner on the face or for removing eye makeup or nail polish. What I love about Cotton Clouds is that as its slogan says, "Pick it thick or thin." The pads are individual but they stack nicely so if you want a thicker amount for let's say, nail polish remover, you can just put a few together. I've never been able to find these except in NYC so whenever I have friends go there I ask them to bring some back for me. I still have a full bag of them left (as seen in the photo) so I should be good for a few more months.

Best Nighttime Toothpaste: Crest Pro-Health Night
This is a fairly new product and just a recent addition to my beauty regimen. I love that there are granules that are "crunchy" in the gel paste that seem to really exfoliate and clean my teeth. I like anything crunchy, so the fact that I get to "eat" something crunchy before going to bed makes me really happy. Plus, it's minty and makes my breath feel fresh too. Yay!

Best Hair Finishing Spray: Philip B. Shin Shine
A really, great lightweight and soooooo fresh-smelling finishing spray. It's great to use on dry hair for sleek, straight looks but also does wonders on curly, frizzy hair by calming it down. A true wonder product. It has a slick but not too greasy feel and the scent reminds me of ripe green tomatoes. You can also use it on wet hair as a styling product and it honestly does not weight down the hair at all. I also love it because it was formulated with my good friend and hair stylist, Shin An.

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