Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You are cordially invited...

It's a new dawn and a new day...

EVERYONE is invited via Facebook to watch the Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2010 fashion show, live from Paris. It is also available on your iphone by going to this. I must admit it's absolutely genius. And an incredibly awesome press magnet.

These days it seems like anything goes when it comes to admission to the twice annual fashion shows. So why not just make it completely accessible to the whole world to view since, let's face it, everyone and their mother is now a critic, a fashion expert, a stylist. The front rows are now reserved for bloggers and the like who post faster than the magazines can about all the happenings in front and behind the scenes. Now, Louis Vuitton has taken it one step further and can make couch critics of us all. Who needs to wait for Cathy Horyn's live blogging? We're right there with her.

But the one thing that the masses will never get are the limited edition souvenir-quality invitations and favors. I, for one, have saved quite a few of them. One of my favorite favors left on our seats was this wool lap blanket that came rolled up and had leather belt closures. One season the run-of-show program came in this hologram notebook, which I use as a writing tablet and keep my phone list inside. Another invite came in a gold plastic case that I still use for business cards, there was another invite that had the show information on one side and was a mirror on the back and came in a LV monogram case and lastly there was the invitation that came in a mustard suede case that is the perfect sized passport holder.

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