Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trocadero Featured Film: "All About Eve"

My original intention was to watch the Trocadero movie list in alphabetical order, but I was apparently so excited to watch "Annie Hall" that I skipped over the 1950 classic "All About Eve"! I took a step backwards and immediately sat down with my cuddly kitten and a fuzzy throw to watch the classic black & white film.

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With stellar performances featuring the unforgettable Bette Davis and a short appearance by Marilyn Monroe, the film was a biting look at an aging stage actress and the backstage antics of "the theatre." Bette Davis played Margo Channing, a 40-year-old star with a sharp tongue and quick wit. Margo takes in a young, bright-eyed woman named Eve who wants nothing more than to be near the stage, and turns out to be quite the character. I don't want to give anything away, but the movie's twists and turns were unpredictable and very enjoyable to watch. 

As for the fashion, the clothing screamed of old Hollywood glam. Big baubles and fabulous furs reigned supreme, and when the cast wasn't dolled up, calf-length skirts, smart suits, and feminine blouses filled the screen. In fact, I watched the movie right after viewing Marc Jacobs' fall 2010 collection for Louis Vuitton, and was surprised to find that the fashions in the film were timely and classic (just like the recent runway show). 

Margo Channing: Lloyd, honey, be a playwright with guts. Write me one about a nice normal woman who just shoots her husband.

The cast of "All About Eve" would surely find much to love at Trocadero - we have an amazing selection of evening shoes and accessories that they would surely wish to wear to fancy soirees. (clockwise from top left)

For an evening out, this Kara Ross velvet and lizard clutch ($475) is an absolute must-have. The classic shape and bold hardware ensure that this bag will never go out of style, but the black lizard square is a unique detail that will not go unnoticed. 

One of the standout fashion moments of this movie was in the beginning, when young Eve stepped out of the shadows of the theatre in a rumpled trench coat and floppy hat. Surely these ladies would appreciate this homage to the classic day coat, The Trench Book ($35). Before they left the house, they'd probably want to spritz themselves with Bond No. 9 Nuit de Noho, ($198/lg, $148/sm) a delightful fragrance with top notes of jasmine and mandarin and a solid base of vanilla and patchouli. 

These are ladies that appreciate the "bling," and the Troc has a few timeless pairs of evening earrings that are sure to feed their need for glam and glitz. We have two pairs similar to these Lee Angel chandelier earrings (both around $130) that deserve to be worn to a fabulous fête. As for matching footwear, we have that too - and these Brian Atwood 'Dorian' heels ($325) are sure to elicit gasps from even the most haughty Hollywood actress - just ask Reese Witherspoon, who wore them to the Golden Globes and found her photo in every style magazine the day after. 

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Complete the old Hollywood look with this classic Devi Kroell box clutch ($1300) - but it's not your average evening bag. This beauty is made out of wood - yes, wood - and is coveted by every member of the Troc staff. If you want to get the "All About Eve" look, then perfect skin is a must, but it's easy with our flawless, tried-and-true products. Try this Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation cream ($48), a chemical-free formula that reduces fine lines and skin discolorations almost instantly.

You can't discuss "the theatre" without talking about where it's at - New York. This Up and Down New York book ($20) was originally published in 1926, meaning that it could have easily been on Eve's shelf during the movie!

Find all the elements you need (and more) to transform yourself into a star here at the Troc! We're on standby to provide you with enviable evening shoes, covetable clutches, and shiny baubles for any occasion. 

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