Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is... Book time!

As a graphic designer, I am constantly inspired by the books at the Troc. From a photographic catalogue of Nights in Paris, cookbooks, fashion house biographies and even historic perspectives by E.B. White, there is something for everyone here. *

Some of my favorites are the This is ____ series. Created by M. Sasek, these books are colorful, informative and fun. M. Sazek was an artist born in Prague; in 1958 he published his first book, This is Paris and continued creating books until his death in 1980.

The titles we carry at the Troc include: This is Greece, This is Venice, This is Hong Kong, This is Britain, This is Paris, This is New York, This is Ireland, This is Texas, This is Rome, This is London, This is Edinburgh, This is Israel, and This is San Francisco.

The vibrant illustrations make an amazing coffee table piece or an informative book for a child. Have a favorite city filled with memories? Maybe an overseas engagement or a college semester abroad? Maybe you are reconnecting with your home country? These books are definitely a traveler or art collector's must!

*All last copy books are 20% off so come by the store and see for yourself!

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