Friday, May 7, 2010

Omaha in the air...

Last week with all the Berkies in town, the CNN crew came with the rest of the world's media to cover the annual event. But this year, the CNN team wanted to do a little B-roll coverage about Omaha and its relatively stable economic position in the U.S. during this whole recession. I was lucky to be a part of the video package in part because I happen to know the CNN photojournalist whose mom is a good friend of mine back from my New York fashion days and more appropriately a native Nebraskan herself! Walter Imparato enlisted me to help with doing this piece on Omaha to talk about why I chose to leave NYC to open my boutique in Omaha and what it's been like basically opening in the middle of a recession and staying in business throughout the rough economic downturn. Additionally I was asked to help come up with a business that has been around for many years for them to interview and speak about their ideas of why Omaha has retained so much of its wealth and high economic and low unemployment numbers. I instantly thought of a couple businesses in the Old Market and the one that they chose was Ron Samuelson's M's Pub and Vivace restaurants. I'm so proud to have been able to be a part of this CNN video because it really hits home the core reason of why I came to Omaha and why I continue to love about being here. The piece aired live on CNN all day yesterday and today as well and was on CNN International. It's also available online here.

One lesson learned from this was about how life is about the relationships you make, the ones you continue to nourish and the networking that you can apply to connect those all around you. I try and teach this to my interns both past and present as they venture to look for jobs outside Omaha and within it too. I'm glad I've been able to use my past experiences as a journalist to connect and be part of this story and also include new relationships that I value in the new home that I have made for myself.

Speaking of Omaha, Southwest Airlines' Spirit Magazine did their city profile on Omaha this month. It's a great little feature story on all the aspects of why Omaha continues to thrive and prosper. It covers the arts, the education, the business, the sports and the recreational high points and we're really thrilled again that our city is being highlighted on a national and international level.

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