Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grasping on to style and function

Since my (temporary) departure from interning at The Troc, I can’t help but stop in every now and again, as I find myself getting homesick. Unfortunately for my wallet this means making some sort of purchase to do my fair share as a loyal “customer”.

Upon my last few visits I became intrigued with the idea of adopting a small bag into my daily wardrobe. I often find the need for something to carry my on the go “must haves” in but something that is smaller than a tote and able to easily fit in my grasp. After thinking about all of the pouches we carry in the store, I decided to investigate the crop of stylish candidates.

After a journey of “this one’s too feminine”, “this one’s too small” and “this one may cost more than what I plan to carry in it”, Alice helped me decide on the Harajuku Lovers “tromp l’oeil” "make-up" pouch in black (shown below in cream). I quickly became a fanatic of the small wonder.

Perfect for organizing the clutter wars going on in your purse (or “man-bag”) or a simple solution to carry a few necessities (i.e. phone, gum, cash, lip balm, keys) on the go, the pouch- or as I have named them for myself, the “man-clutch” – is my obsession of the moment.

This past Friday I made my way down to The Troc and ended up snagging the MZ Wallace Bedford Nylon Flat Pouch to add to my collection. This bag is sleek and sophisticated for casual or dressier looks and still fun with a vibrant flash of color from the red lining and the gold colored zipper and stud detailing.

I feel that any woman…or man…could benefit from some sort of pouch in their life. Perfect spring treat for yourself or even great for a last minute Mother’s Day gift (see: Anya Hindmarch’s Loose Pockets!), come down to Trocadero to check out the array we have to offer.

(On a side note: During my last visit I also managed to get my hands on the last Kikkerland Sing Sing Dinner Tray, a hosting necessity that will soon find use this summer maybe serving up Bliss Bakery’s Pink Champagne Caketinis….Yummmm!)

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