Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bond No. 9 Candles for the Bedroom

I love when blogs post sneak peaks into people's homes. It's always interesting to see how others live, don't you think? This morning I was digging into the archives of The Goodie Life's "What's on your Nightstand" series and came across this photo:

See that blue glass jar with the gold lid? That's a Bond No. 9 candle! More specifically, it's the Nuits de Noho scent. The owner of the nightstand, Caroline, had this to say about the candle:

"There aren't words to describe this candle. It looks amazing. It smells amazing. Best sleepy-time candle ever."

Trocadero has two Bond No. 9 scented candles in stock: Scent of Peace and Little Italy. Both are considered unisex fragrances, although Little Italy is bit sweeter smelling with notes of grapefruit, clementine and mandarine, and both would look glorious on your nightstand!

Although we don't carry Nuits de Noho in candle form, we do have it as an Eau de Parfum, so if you're curious to know what Caroline loves so much about it, stop by and have a sniff! We offer complimentary samples of all of the Bond No. 9 fragrances we carry.

(nightstand photo source; Bond No. 9 candle photos source)

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Anonymous said...

I guess I should keep my shades closed or you will see my Roma Scentsy Candle on my night stand. Great Post!