Monday, May 23, 2011

Billboard Music Awards 2011

Last night, Sunday May 22, the Billboard Music Awards aired for the first time since their last show in 2006. It was a star studded event with great fashion, performances and PDA (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared their first public kiss! Yay!) As for the fashion, it was a hit or miss to me. I wasn't particularly wowed with any of the outfit choices because I feel like they have all been done before. I was hoping to see something fresh and new! Aside from the fact that I wasn't wowed, there were a few celebs that made it to my best dressed list. Here are my top three picks for best dressed:

Rihanna is pictured here wearing a monochromatic white pant suit by Max Azria, who, by the way, was one of the sponsors for the award show. I love this because I am a huge fan of neutrals. I always tell myself that I need to branch out and wear more colors and patterns, but I just don't. Neutrals go with almost everything and are easy to mix and match. Rihanna's outfit is very tailored chic with just the right amount of accessories. This outfit is all about "less is more." And who wouldn't love those beautiful nude, pointed toe Christian Louboutin shoes?!

Here, Selena Gomez is wearing a sexy, yet sophisticated, Dolce and Gabbana black dress. This girl is all grown up in this dress! The cut outs on the side, along with the high slit in the front, show just the right amount of skin without looking trashy. The blown out hairstyle adds for a sleek finish. The only thing I wish I could change about this ensemble is the shoes. I love red shoes and I love bows but I just don't like these shoes with this dress. To me it doesn't flow. I think something a little strappier and edgier would have fit better with this dress, or just a nice simple pump would have been fine too.

My third and last pick for best dressed is Keri Hilson in this bright yellow dress. I chose this dress, not because of the fit or style, but because the color is vibrant and I love that she paired it with a teal belt. Color blocking is a huge trend for this summer that people can have a lot of fun with!

These three ladies above were able to make it on the best dressed list, but some were not as lucky. Here are my picks for worst dressed:

I think this picture is pretty self explanatory as to why I chose it for the worst dressed list. Nicki Minaj is pictured here in a skin-tight, baby blue romper with sequins down the legs that resemble little scales. Her hair is a horrible, faded pink color with blonde roots purposely put in. I think its great that she is trying to be unique and different, but this outfit is just unflattering in all aspects. She is a pretty girl, but her crazy outfits are distracting.

This is just a HOT MESS in so many different ways. Ke$ha is wearing this navy dress by Jad Ghanour. There is too much going on here with the dress, hair and makeup. Ghanour got off to a good start with the top of the dress, but then failed with the bottom part. The thick band through the middle of the dress makes Ke$ha look wide and gives her an unflattering shape. The fabric choice for this dress does not look well thought out either. The fabric seems to be pulling and bunching at her hips and thighs. Also, I have no idea what she was thinking with that awful tulle train.

I know you're probably thinking "Why is Taylor on the worst dressed list? She looks beautiful," and you're right, she does look beautiful. I actually love this dress. I put Taylor Swift, in this Elie Saab dress, on the list because she wears the same style of dress to every award show and I can't stand it anymore! I could go on google right now and find numerous pictures of Swift in dresses that are this style, just in different lengths and colors. She also wears her hair and make up the same way. It is always modeled after the old Hollywood glamour hairstyle with the sleek waves and red lipstick. I just wish she would step out of the box and try something new!

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