Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Chance: Lip Gloss!

Looking back on any recent purchases I've made, it's clear that I've foregone fashion for beauty in the last couple of months. This up-and-coming passion of mine has lead me to rediscover some of the magnificent make-up selections the Troc has to offer. 

One pretty little splurge that I've overlooked in the past is Scarlett Cosmetic's luscious lip glosses. Unfortunately for me, my new favorite product has a super-limited selection. These final four shades are the only ones we've been able to keep in stock - but with stellar shades like these, it's shocking that we have any left! 

I "swatched" the remaining ones for you to see! 

From left to right: (1.) Marquis, an a must-have nude with the perfect touches of peach and mauve, is stunning over the top of any lipstick, and just as pretty on its own. (2.) Dunes is next, a beautiful pink that's packed full of gorgeous gold-toned shimmer and would look killer over any nude or coral shade. (3.) Roman Candle is a brilliant berry shade that catches the light like you wouldn't believe. (4.) My personal favorite, Rose, is a shimmer-free baby pink that is just unbelievably pigmented, making it great on its own or extra-special for amping up another color. 

The best part about these lip glosses is the formula - it's a thick, semi-sticky application, but not in the uncomfortable sense you're probably thinking of - rather, they're created to last. 

When I say last chance, I mean last chance - we only have one of each shade left in stock! Get them now for almost half off of their original price, on sale for $10 (originally retailing at $18!). Although, if I was smart, I might just have to snap up all four....

Call us at (402)934-8389 to get one shipped to you! :) 

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