Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hot Pockets

Between having a baby, planning a wedding and of course managing both a household with two kids, a dog and a husband-to-be as well as a business (the Troc, of course!), well, my time to surf the net and read fashion magazines has become pretty non-existent. It wasn't until the day before when I was searching for something to wear on my head for my wedding day that I stumbled across the just launched capsule collection by Derek Lam for eBay.

I love Derek Lam. I think his clothes are smart, timeless, super chic and just well-tailored. For Christmas one year, he gave us editors these amazing thick black cashmere jacket-cardigans. A shawl collar, no closure, hits at the right place at your hip and has pockets! I love pockets on anything and everything. Even my pajamas have pockets (two of them: one for the baby monitor and one for my cell phone). It's made by Simply Vera by Vera Wang (a brand I have mentioned numerous times before on this blog) available at Kohl's. It really is a must for new mommies. Plus, I think it's seriously chic enough to wear as a swimsuit coverup for the summer. I bought this tunic in an XS, S, M and L. Yes, you might find that excessive but if you're a new nursing mom, you know that you don't want your favorite and easy top to be in the laundry pile until the weekend. So for all you new mommies out there who are nursing, GO BUY THIS TOP! And even if you're not nursing, I recommend buying this ASAP! This is a great tunic for summer -- for sleeping, lounging and as I said before, as a swimsuit cover up.
Simply Vera Vera Wang Evening Muse Shirred Henley Sleepshirt
But going back to Derek Lam, I had no idea about the new capsule collection and wondered how long it had been out. With my good fortune I saw that it just launched a couple weeks ago. I'm thinking about the short version of this dress seen on Rachel Bilson. What do you think? At $225, it's not exactly cheap. And I've heard mixed reviews on the quality...
Rachel Bilson
But there is that huge selling point for has pockets!

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