Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet the Intern

(Pictured in beautiful Brian Atwood pumps along with a stunning sequin MZ Wallace "Eve" clutch, all of which are available at Trocadero.)

Summer is here which means its time for new summer interns! Trocadero would like to welcome its newest member, Ellyse Coombes, to our team. We decided to sit down and ask Ellyse a few questions to get to know her and her obsession with fashion a little better. This is what we found out:

1. What is your major?

I attend UNO and I'm majoring in journalism with an emphasis in advertising and public relations with a concentration in business.

2. What is your dream job?

I'm not sure the exact job that I would like to do, but I do know that I want to continue working with clothing and accessories. I currently work for BCBGMAXAZRIA and I would love to continue my work for them at their corporate office.

3. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to be living in a bigger city and expanding my knowledge of the fashion world!

4. What are your favorite summer activities?

I love going to the pool and listening to my iPod while I bask in the sun! I also love to shop, but I do that all year round!

5. What is your favorite thing about being at Trocadero?

I like meeting all the new staff and customers and making new friends, but my favorite thing is getting to see all the one of a kind pieces Trocadéro has to offer.

6. How would you describe your style?

My style is very tailored chic. I love structered jackets and tops. I also like anything with embellishment! If it has any sort of sequins or studs, I have to have it!

7. What is your favorite accessory?

I love rings! If I'm not wearing any rings, I feel naked!

8. Who are some of your favorite designers?

I've always loved BCBG because it is somewhat affordable and they make beautiful dresses, but I also love Kate Spade, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Chanel just to name a few.

Come in and see Ellyse at Trocadero and check out all the great new products!

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