Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's In My Bag: Cygne

Hello, again! I can gladly say I am back to the wonderful world of TrocTalk after a long absence while away at school in Southern California. Although my time at college has been more amazing than I could ever imagine, I can't wait to get back into the swing of things in Omaha and Trocadero. I figured there was nothing better to re-introduce myself to our devoted followers with than a "What's In My Bag" column.

Here's a visual of what I tote around every day at college (excuse the gross yellow dorm lighting):
Vintage Anya Hindmarch satchel: one of my favorite purchases from the shop. As part of the Trocadero Vintage collection, I snatched this beauty up while home over Christmas break. It may be a couple years old, but its sturdy, accessible and chic (much like all Anya we sell). Not to mention, the neutral color goes with anything.

Coppertone Oil-Free Faces Sunscreen: with the harsh Californian rays shining daily, I don't go anywhere without applying this SPF 30 cream to my cheeks and T-zone. It's lightweight and odorless, so your face feels fresh all day long.

Dial Hand Santizer To-Go: I live with 4,000 other students on campus. Can you blame me?

Rafe Crocodile Print Wallet: While working at the shop 2 summers ago, I was in need of something that could hold all my stuff in one place and, boy, does this wallet work. It's stuffed to the brim and still smoothly closes every time I use it. As you can see, I've added my personal touch with two Get Luckies and Let's Hang zipper pulls. Too cute, if you ask me.

Bic Easy-Grip ballpoint pens: I tend to press down hardly when I write, so the no-slip grip keeps my fingers comfy.

American Eagle Aviator sunglasses in olive: as I said above, harsh Californian rays.

Clinique Lash-Doubling Mascara & pencil eye liner in Egyptian: two products I have used since I started wearing make-up. This mascara lengthens and defines every... single... lash. As for the liner, it goes on and stays on. The "Egyptian" (brown with a hint of gold shimmer) color is a great alternative to harsh black and compliments my light brown eyes.

Spearmint ChapStick: keeps my lips soft and sweet.

Anya Hindmarch "My Tunes" small pocket: the evergreen metallic leather caught my eye from the moment it came into the store, but I never had the nerve to splurge on it. Thankfully, I received it as a gift and couldn't be more thankful. My Blackberry Tour fits so perfectly inside and remains scratch-free!

Keychain & Keys: due to an expensive lock change after losing my first room key, I invested in a USC keychain that I can carry on my wrist at all times.

Werther's Caramels and Lemonheads: a little sugar and a little sour for my sweet-tooth. :)

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