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The Best Bets in Omaha for Berkshire Hathaway 2012: Part Five (48 Hour Itinerary)

When 30,000+ people descend on Omaha, you'd think that every business would benefit big time. Yeah, the general consensus is that the restaurants LOVE this annual meeting, but unfortunately the small-business owned retailers just don't get so much of the love.

We get it. It's definitely all about patronage of all the Berkshire Hathaway owned companies. They want to keep the stock up! And yes, you should absolutely get your red-hot deals on diamonds to dish washers but once you've had your fill of Borsheim's (though, does any one tire of looking at fancy canary diamonds and Cartier Roadster watches at a discount?) and Nebraska Furniture Mart (one more 58 inch television?), you should scrape together a few more bucks to check out some of these other fine stores. Because it's always good to support local business. Even those that aren't owned by Warren Buffett.

We've put together a 48 hour itinerary that includes some stops into some of our favorite places in town:


A great place to start your afternoon is by having a light lunch at Taste in Rockbrook Village. It's the perfect stopping point pre-Borsheim's cocktail party. I recommend any of the paratha wraps or the orzo salad. Then check out two of Omaha's nicest small businesses, both located within Rockbrook Village:

Rossi Clothiers -- A men's clothing and accessories store. I love the owner, Charlie Rossi, because he is a gentleman who knows his business. He works painstakingly and lovingly to provide men in Omaha with grown-up clothes; from made-to-order suits to a fine collection of ties by Robert Talbott, this is not a store with Cosby sweaters, cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

Category One, a terrific place for the gourmet or starting chef. They have a wonderful selection of the finest kitchen tools and gadgets, including Wellness Mats, a truly indispensable item for someone who needs the extra support under their feet while prepping dishes and meals (I bought mine from Category One and don't know what I'd do without it!).


If you arrive later to Omaha and want to skip out on the Borsheim's cocktail party, then head over to Midtown Crossing and make a night of it there. You might even find some new art for your home.

The Afternoon in Midtown Crossing -- A specialty home and gift store. This place has everything! It's a real mishmash of unique items ranging from cards and books to objects for the office or your garden.

If you're not hungry yet, it's definitely worth it to check out the following two art gallery events taking place in suites next door to each other.

Material Matters, an exhibit on fiber, clay and wood in art -- Opening Reception from 6-9pm at Peerless Gallery, 3157 Farnam, Suite 7108

Yes, Yes You Are Magic, the inaugural show of brand new gallery Tugboat Presents. Works from Claudia Alvarez among others. 3157 Farnam, Suite 7111

There are a variety of options to dine at Midtown Crossing, including "the greenest restaurant in America" The Grey Plume. That would be your fanciest option. Otherwise, there are so many places to choose from at Midtown Crossing; you can even do "Cine-Dine" and have a meal while watching a new release at Marcus Midtown Cinemas.


We know the big reason you all came to town was to hear Warren and Charlie speak (ok, and watch the world-famous video). So we won't suggest anything alternate to do besides check out our list of close-by pit stops when you need a break from the Q&A session.

After the meeting ends, we do recommend you head over to the Old Market to enjoy both the retail and restaurant offerings.

Go to Howard Street and walk from 10th Street west until you head to 13th Street. Of course, we'd love for you to stop by our shop Trocadero, next to Wheatfield's.

For dinner, there is everything from Hiro 88 and Blue Sushi for your Asian fix to Stokes for Southwestern cuisine and Nicola's for delicious Italian. Try to get a table at La Buvette (any of their specials are amazing) or M's Pub (love their chicken satay with rice) and you won't be disappointed. A Noma-trained chef is heading up the kitchen at V. Mertz while The Boiler Room still gets my vote as the best restaurant in Omaha, under the direction of chef Paul Kulik.


If you didn't get your Borsheim's or Warren Buffett fix on Friday, then by all means head back there for all the day's festivities.

But we definitely think it's worth a trip to the 5 brunch places we mentioned if you're not in the mood to stand in the buffet line.

And if you're in the mood for a steak, please don't go to Gorat's or Piccolo Pete's with the rest of the masses; take our earlier suggestion and head here. You really won't get a better steak in town.

Thanks for reading the Troc's 5-Part-Series on What to do in Omaha during the Berkshire Hathaway 2012 Meeting. We hope our suggestions were helpful and please do let us know in the comments section whether you tried a place and what you thought. And come and say hi to us at the Troc!

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